Oct 202010

So, have you done your good deed for the day?  If not, how about you donate $25 to Doctors Without Borders?  You’ll get $700 in downloadable RPG products, but more importantly, you’ll be helping those who are in a lot worse condition than yourself.

  • Can you imagine not having electricty in your home?
  • Can you imagine not having running water in your home?
  • Can you imagine not having a home?

Click here to donate $25 and receive over $700 in RPG Titles

Click here to donate $10 and receive over $100 in Comics

Click here for more information on Doctors without Borders

I went through all of the product that you get in the bundles, and I gotta say, while there’s plenty of stuff I would never use, there’s PLENTY of stuff that I would.  Also, this is the perfect time to try out some stuff that I was on the fence about.  Just remember that it’s all downloads.

It’s only $25.  Check it out, and do some good.

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Charisma Keller

Charisma is a self-proclaimed Gran Tourismo champion, and swears that it’s official (or that it should be). She loves strength and beauty, so she usually tries to combine the two. Her characters are confident, humble, foolish, and heroic, and has named at least two of them after her favorite drink, the Lemon Drop. Oh yeah, her favorite muscle car would be the 67 GT-500E.

  4 Responses to “$700 in Product for $25. I’d Help That Charity.”

  1. This seems like too much for too little, doesn’t it? But a deal like this isn’t about what you get, it’s about what you give. And if you’re thinking $25 seems a little low for $700 in return, feel free to donate more. I’m sure the Doctors Without Borders wouldn’t mind.

    Thanks for this heads up!

  2. My wife is donating to charities all of the time. I just ordered my bundle, but I think this is the first time we’ve donated to Doctors without Borders.

  3. Got mine yesterday. I missed it last time they did this for Hati. There are lots of cool things that I will enjoy checking out they I probably wouldn’t normally get. The best example of this is the Ultimate GM Screen, which looks like a castle wall when assembled. If nothing else it will be fun to build.

  4. I’d add that ICONS and Starblazer Adventures are both easily worth the $25 alone.
    Great games.

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