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Oct 302017

When I first got into blogging several years ago, I found the concept of a blogging network to be really cool.  I got to find and read several other blogs dedicated to gaming, while drawing in visitors to my site as well.  It just kind of felt cool to be a part of something, right from the get-go.

Then the network that I joined stopped getting updated, and then it went down.  Soon after, another network went up, and that was cool, but it also eventually went down.  I don’t know the particulars about those two networks, but they were cool while they lasted.  If you’ve been a reader of Stuffer Shack for any length of time, you might know that I’ve always tried to foster a community among gamers.  Well, I feel it’s time to start up a new network, so I did.

But it’s not just a network; it’s also a simple little website that showcases all the cool RPG things that are out there.  I’m going to put the spotlight on them, if you will.  And why not?  Cool RPG things (such as awesome articles, products, and resources) deserve attention, so I’ll be shining the light on them every chance I get.  Maybe not everyday, but I can try.

So, check out the rpgSPOTLIGHT Network.  It’s super easy to join, and there’s no long wait times, I promise.

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