Stuffer ShackFrom a popular tabletop roleplaying game, a Stuffer Shack is a late-night street-corner convenience – it’s a place where you go to get stuff. From over 100 authors, you will find editorials, tips, downloads, reviews, and ideas to steal for your game.

STUFFER SHACK PRESS – Stuffer Shack has expanded, and we’re now publishing professional gaming material (check it out).  Don’t laugh… we’re just beginning, but we have several things lined up.  And, we are not limiting ourselves to any particular game, game system, or genre.

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Accessories – We tried closing down our accessories store, but people kept asking us to bring it back.  So, we reduced the selection to a more manageable level, and it’s been working really well.  Check out what we make, because it’s really cool.

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