Stuffer Shack Firefight

From a popular roleplaying game, a Stuffer Shack is a late-night street-corner convenience – it’s a place where you go to get stuff. From over 100 authors, you will find editorials, tips, downloads, reviews, and ideas to steal for your game.

Stuffer Shack is an online resource and accessory store that is dedicated to all things geek.  Our emphasis is on roleplaying games, but that will naturally lend us to write about other fantasy, modern, and sci-fi avenues as well.  In the beginning, we focused on posting ideas that gamers could steal for their games, such as ideas for adventures, encounters, characters, monsters, and so on.  Since then, we’ve expanded to include RPG reviews, editorials, and gaming advice.


If gaming accessories are your thing, our store offers tons of useful and awesome stuff, such as Mini Counters, Condition Markers, and Horse Miniatures.  Items in our store have been featured all over the gaming ‘verse for the last several years because, well, they’re cool!


Stuffer Shack was built on awesome gamers who’ve donated their ideas and articles, and we’ve always tried to say ‘thank you’ by giving back.  Now, we’re taking it a step further.  To help support budding RPG designers and authors who want to write professionally, we’ve set up a Patreon page.  With it, authors can get paid and readers get cool rewards!

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