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Sharon Carter is one heck of a woman. There’s no super soldier serum here, no cosmic rays, no mutation and no high tech suit. Everything she can do comes from her own human abilities. She’s one of SHIELD’s top agents, trained in combat, espionage and computers. She’s proved herself worthy of being the Director of SHIELD and even an Avenger, but she always falls back to field work in the end. She likes being in the middle of it all, and she’s one of the best.

Despite all that she’s probably best known for her work with Captain America. Her aunt Peggy worked with Captain America during WWII and she grew up hearing stories of their exploits. Once grown and a skilled agent, Captain America miraculously resurfaced and she was assigned as his liaison. She’s been seen as his wing-woman ever since. Often by his side, but never in his shadow.

This datafile was designed with post Civil-War adventures in mind but it really is applicable to most of her tenure. Headcase can be used for natural guilt, or the results of her battle with any number of villains, if you use this sheet for operation that occurred before Dr. Faustus got to her.

The datafile may seem underpowered at first. She doesn’t have the d8 Durability or d8 Weapon that other SHIELD Agents have been listed with and that true to the character. Sharon prefers mobility and stealth over armor and raw firepower. Take a look at her SFX though and you’ll soon find she’s very flexible and able to hold her own even on a team the likes of the Avengers!

You can read his complete history on the Marvel Wiki. Download the Word File or PDF here.

The PDFs of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying are no longer available but you can get the book while supplies last!


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