And the Winners Are…!

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Dec 152010

Alrighty gamers – the votes are in and points are tallied.  This was an interesting contest, since all ten NPC entries received at least 1 vote from someone (it seems each NPC struck a good chord with the various judges).  All entries are located on the Steal This NPC page, and thank you to everyone for participating!

1st Place: Laredd Brewer, the Tavern Owner“Giving such a rich and engaging backstory to a non-combatant is a wonderful idea, especially if The Rotten Apple can become a significant setting for the PCs.  They would naturally get to know the management of the place, possibly befriending Laredd and adding to their own life tapestries.” – Dixon Trimline

Laredd submitted by Jeremy Southard, over at Wastex Games.

2nd Place: Drig’Drall, the Station Master“Drig’Drall gets my vote in part because of the world he implies. I’ve always had a soft spot for trains and fantasy, so any point where they intersect gets my attention. Drig’Drall has personality and an interesting role in his world, and the descriptive details are very striking – all important for a good NPC.” – Jonathan Baldwin

Drig’Drall submitted by Shinobicow, of The Dump Stat.

3rd Place: Paynia, the Holy Assassin“I liked Paynia from the moment I read her description.  First of all, everything that I needed to know about her was written in just a few short paragraphs.  Secondly, I immediately started to come up with whole adventures involving her and the PCs.  I think she’ll take part in my next adventure.” – Charisma

Paynia submitted by DnDDad.

Honorable Mention: Cap’n Spivey“Though my initial impressions were of a NPC that’s too narrow in application (how many sea / wharf / dockside games would I run?), I was won over by the color and depth of this pirate and hero and ne’er-do-well.  I can imagine him in all sorts of settings, not just standing on a boat shouting orders.” – Dixon Trimline

Cap’n Spivey submitted by Jeffrey Osthoff.

Honorable Mention: Glitch, the Warforged Bodyguard “I do however really like the write-up on Glitch.  I see him as a full-on adventure hook or one-shot idea.” – Colin Dowling  “I always love an interesting warforged.” – John Lewis

Glitch submitted by Sus3an.

1st Place

  • Dragon Dice bag
  • Your choice of the following sets of Q-Workshop dice
  • Your choice of the two unique Horse Minis

2nd Place

  • Your choice of the remaining three sets of Q-Workshop dice
  • The remaining Horse Mini

3rd Place

  • Your choice of the remaining two sets of Q-Workshop dice

The two Horse Minis are unique (they aren’t for sale). The first is a charging warhorse, and the second is a very large horse (it’s still large-sized, just very large).

More awesomeness...

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  8 Responses to “And the Winners Are…!”

  1. Thank you soooo much and congratz to all the winners. Will you contact us by e-mail about claiming the prizes?

    Thank you,


  2. Awesome! Too cool. Glad that I submitted that last NPC then 🙂

  3. Congrats everyone!

  4. Jeremy (1st place) chose the Forest Dice Set, and the Charging Warhorse. He also gets the Dragon Dice Bag.

    Shinobicow is next in choosing his prize…

  5. Great NPCs, everyone! I know how much work must have gone into those. Next time I run a game, you can be sure a few of them will be somewhere!

  6. Thank you all and I can’t wait for the next contest!

  7. Shinobicow (2nd place) chose the Celtic set of dice, and automatically gets the very large horse mini.

  8. DnD Dad (3rd place) chose the Translucent Red dice.

    Hmmm… now what to do with the last set…

    Thanks again everyone for participating!

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