May 022011

This contest has ended.  Here are the results!

It amazes me how diverse and different people really are.  I had a lot of preconceived notions about the potential finalists going into this contest, only to be reminded that variety really is the spice of life.

These finalists all had similar scores, but had several contenders biting at their heels.  We had to have a cutoff somewhere, so at 26 total entries, we narrowed it down to the RPG blogs with the top 5 scores.

So here they are in alphabetical order:

READERS! Now is the time to tell us which is your favorite and why!  All five of the finalists had very similar scores, so your opinions will definitely help!  Please comment below with your reason… it could be anything…  This is a shotgun showdown, which means you need to get your comments in today!  The winner will be announced on Wednesday, just two days from now…  Help your favorite of the finalists take away the grand prize package…  We could say it’s like voting…

One of the above five finalists will take away a prize package worth over $250.

EVERYTHING we offer in our Store:

A downloadable DriveThruRPG Prize Bundle:

Stuffer Shack is throwing in a DriveThruRPG Gift Certificate worth $25.

And we’re also awarding two 3D Terrain Set Pieces: the Portal and Tower Ruins!

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  32 Responses to “Announcing our Finalists for RPG Site of the Year!”

  1. Critical Hits! Not just because my boyfriend runs the place. They have a ton of great writers, including folks who work/ed for Wizards of the Coast and also the extremely hilarious Matt Dukes/Direflail.

  2. I would like to vote for Critical Hits because I run it 🙂

  3. Critical Hits 100% They offer a variety of articles for seasoned players as well as those who are new to RPGS (like myself). I also really appreciate that they have articles about how they bring RPGS into parenthood and how they get their kids playing.

  4. I vote for Critical Hits! I’ve learned quite a lot from reading their site.

  5. I vote for Critical Hits, because Dave is a gentleman and a scholar and has a fantastic crew of extraordinary writers at his site.

  6. I vote Dungeon’s Master, a great resource for DM’s and Players!

  7. Some solid sites listed. I personally love the resources from Dungeon’s Master. Always something useful to use or think about. My vote is for them!

    +1 Dungeon’s Master

  8. GM Oracle, because their stuff is simply useful!

  9. I have to vote for my own site, Dungeon’s Master. Thanks to Stuffer Shack for including us on the list and thanks the readers for helping us make the final five. Good luck to all the sites on the list.

  10. +1 for Critical Hits!

  11. I’m biased, +1 for Dungeon’s Master. Great list of sites!

  12. I am going to have to go with Crit Hits on this one

  13. All those blogs are awesome, but I got the most mileage out of Critical Hits, ESPECIALLY when Gamma World came out. Crit Hits Vote +1.

  14. I vote for Critical Hits for purely objective reasons unrelated to my writing for it.

  15. As an occasional columnist and consistent reader I vote for Critical Hits! Dave is the dreamiest guy in RPG Blogging.

  16. Pls add one saving throw for Dungeon’s Master. Those guys crack me up with some of their articles (and they’re a great resource too).

  17. I have to give it up for Roleplaying Tips – nothin but net.

  18. Gnome stew all the way baby! Sooo many helpful articles.

  19. I have to give my vote to Roleplaying Tips. Pure gold in my inbox every fortnight.

  20. Critical Hits! There’s a reason why I merged my blog with theirs last year, Great Top 5 you got there Tourq!

  21. Dungeon’s Master has my vote. They are just plain cool guys! The inspire me!

  22. I have to vote for the blog I read most, Dungeons Master. They have a wide variety of well thought out articles.

  23. I’m putting in my vote for Dungeons Master. They’re fine folks, and though I think their opponents are good candidates, I can’t vouch for them. Best of luck of to the other blogs.

    As for the reason… I think Dungeons Master has a good steady flow of articles, some serious and weighty, others pulpy and fun. Keeps you thinking about the game and enjoying it.

  24. Dungeons Master all the way. Excellent articles, great resource.

  25. Dungeons Master is #1. Everybody I know loves it.

  26. I vote for Dungeons Master. I really look forward to every issue.

  27. Dungeon’s Master! Love their articles and an excellent resource for new and experienced DMs!

  28. Dungeon’s Master for the win. Regular updates, fantastic diversity of content. A real winner!

  29. I vote for Dungeon’s Masters for the articles (just like Playboy).

  30. My best be to you Dungeon’s Masters

    Love to Alli

  31. Gnome Stew, because of their fantastic content and great writers.

  32. Critical Hits please, though all are fantastic sites!

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