Abram Forest

I am simply the paradox that exists because it chose to... I'm also a total smart-ass, and in the end, I just love being me. I am 27 years old and I tend to believe that I have an awesome, straight-forward personality that tends to do well with pretty much any crowd. I love to make people laugh, but I enjoy listening to people and their stories. It's amazing what perfect strangers will tell you if you simply keep your ears open and pay attention. Just starting my career in Information Technology and loving every minute of it.

Jul 012016
Savage Worlds Character Creation Checklist, v2!

So… With the expectation to always find better tools for gaming, and with more Savage Worlds on the horizon, I have decided to do a thing. When I was first learning Savage as a whole (which happened to be the last time we all played Rippers), I found a sheet that the GM printed out (and has continued to make available) has been immeasurably helpful. [Read the article]