Anthony Laffan

Anthony got pulled inside the interwebs in 1998 with, of all things, a first person shooter called Starsiege Tribes. Since then, he trolled around the net claiming to be Delirium incarnate until a wicked fairy bashed him across the back of the head and showed him the wonders of game design and sociology. Now, despite the pleas for mercy from those nearest him, he continues to try to apply both (game design and sociology) to the world and games around him in the vain hopes of understanding something. Do not confront this man, he is very likely dangerous and will talk your ear off at the slightest hint of interest in anything he likes. Profile Page / Article Portfolio

Because It’s Fun!

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Mar 232012
Because It's Fun!

Hello again Stuffer Shack. How are you? Good? That’s awesome. Really. I love to hear that. Now now, I can see that look on your face. Uncle Anthony is here and he probably wants to rant long and hard about some grand theory to GMing or take another sociological look at the game table. You’re right, I do want to do that, but I also [Read the article]

Where To Find Advice

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Jan 262012
Where To Find Advice

Hello Stuffer Shack, it’s been a while hasn’t it? No, I don’t have any excuses. Life got hectic, and I just kind of curled up in a ball and cried. Oh sure… you called, you wrote, you even invited me out to dinner last Tuesday night. But I didn’t show, did I? So now I’m back, and looking for your forgiveness. You’ll take me back, [Read the article]

Nov 022011

I hate to be the nay sayer here, especially since I love shiny new books as much as the next gamer. However, some experiences in my Friday night L5R game has brought to light a few issues that can come up with switching to a new edition in your game. Now, from the company’s stand point, a new edition is great. Odds are that most [Read the article]

A Sense of Agency

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Jun 102011
A Sense of Agency

Do you want to know what one of the key differences is between a bad campaign and a good one? It’s not a particularly well-kept secret, mind you. In fact, there are dozens of gaming blogs that will tell you about it in a dozen of different ways. In technical terms though, the difference between a good campaign and a bad one, is that in [Read the article]

May 122011
The Cult of Eternity’s Path - Steal this Snake Cult

The idea behind this is to give you a subversive group to add to some city, kingdom, or other location in your game, and to potentially tempt your players with. In the interest of usability, I’m going to try to stick to the basics, and keep time-sensitive material (i.e. swords, lasers) out of the picture. Feel free to use this in a game set in [Read the article]