Ray McVay

Raymond McVay is a thirty-nine year old table top game designer, specializing in Hard SF design and speculation. He has in the past mainly produced spacecraft deck plans and game products for the D6 system, and now also produces new products in the OSR system, which will be White Star compatible or for use with Starships & Spacemen. His lives in Alabama with his wonderful wife and three awesome children. For more information, visit his blog at Blue Max Studios. Also, consider supporting him via Patreon.

Dec 052016
Build Your Own RPG Publishing Empire... with No Money Down!

Well… perhaps empire is a bit grandiose, seeing as how my business only grosses a few hundred dollars a year. But Blue Max Studios (my publishing house) has put over thirty RPG titles out in the last six years, for a multitude of different games. What’s more, I have never lost money publishing RPG and supplements. What’s my secret? I actually can’t lose money as [Read the article]

The genius of D6 (and why you should try it)

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Jun 272016
The genius of D6 (and why you should try it)

I have a special place in my heart for the D6 system… To give a very brief summary, the D6 system measures attributes, skills, and equipment modifiers in a number of d6 dice. All of these dice are combined into a “Dice Pool” that is rolled for a total added value – against a set difficulty number.  That’s it. This simple system has been repeatedly [Read the article]