Charisma Keller

Charisma is a self-proclaimed Gran Tourismo champion, and swears that it’s official (or that it should be). She loves strength and beauty, so she usually tries to combine the two. Her characters are confident, humble, foolish, and heroic, and has named at least two of them after her favorite drink, the Lemon Drop. Oh yeah, her favorite muscle car would be the 67 GT-500E.

Oct 202010
$700 in Product for $25. I'd Help That Charity.

So, have you done your good deed for the day?  If not, how about you donate $25 to Doctors Without Borders?  You’ll get $700 in downloadable RPG products, but more importantly, you’ll be helping those who are in a lot worse condition than yourself. Can you imagine not having electricty in your home? Can you imagine not having running water in your home? Can you [Read the article]

Sep 082010
Charisma - What is it Good For?

Written by Charisma Keller and Dixon Trimline. To quote an article by Dixon Trimline that I love very much (the article, not Dixon Trimline… ok, and Dixon Trimline), “The power gamer is earnest in his approach to the game, in the same way that an evangelical is earnest about saving souls.” Such a player will look at the stat for Charisma and ask, “What good [Read the article]

Jun 252010
Escape from Deepground - Steal this Adventure

The characters have each been individually found guilty of crimes that they have indeed committed. They’re sent to an underground prison, which they must escape from. Have each player make his character with a specific crime that he has committed (one not punishable by death, but severe enough to warrant life in prison). These crimes serve as excellent back-stories, as well as possible future adventures/issues [Read the article]

Rules Lawyers – Raising the Bar

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May 302010
Rules Lawyers - Raising the Bar

The rules lawyer knows the ins and outs of the game system like I know the curves of every turn in Gran Tourismo. It’s their specialty, their baby, their forte. Give them the opportunity to throttle into the turn… er, I mean spout out a rule infraction, and they take it. Meaning, the referee is not always the gamemaster. On my first session with a [Read the article]

May 072010
The Best Character Formulas - Part 2

Click here to read Part 1 Hello again!  I’m here for the second installment of The Best Character Formulas.  So far, I’ve talked about heroes with Personal Demons, and how while they might not seem to be the best choice as a hero, in the end, their stories might be the most rewarding.  Moving On, I’ll be talking about my favorite type to play, Hindered [Read the article]

May 012010
The Best Character Formulas - Part 1

Think of any story, film, or novel.  Quality-wise, those with the most success have something in common (special, memorable heroes).  Well, I’m here to define those character formulas and relate them to your player characters.   Ready? Formula 1: Personal Demons The character who carries personal demons is not the ideal hero (far from it).  However, he has the potential to elicit the greatest emotional response [Read the article]