Michael Hammes

Michael Hammes worked for six years in the RPG industry before the reality of family life and home ownership pulled him away. Now he's back, if not as a full-time practitioner, at least as an expert dabbler. Michael's work is most closely associated with Ronin Arts and Green Ronin, but he's been active with numerous other publishers and companies. Recently he's launched a little blog at gmworkbook.com and explored the world of flash fiction on Kickstarter with FlashCity Stories and FleshCity Stories.

Played: Kingdom Rush

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Feb 262014
Played: Kingdom Rush

I play games for two reasons. The first is for entertainment. The second is to take my mind off my work when things just aren’t clicking creatively (for some reason my mind does great work when I’m not thinking about said work). Ideally, a game meets both of those goals at the same time.