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Jul 062016
All-Star Player Characters, the making of

What is an All-Star Player Character? It’s a character that has all the tools needed to make him or her as interesting and fun to play as possible. It’s not necessarily an overload of information; just the right amount of information. When a player writes up a character, it could be just a single sheet with a few numbers on it, several pages of a [Read the article]

My problem with Kickstarter

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May 292012
My problem with Kickstarter

I’ve been a gamer for quite a while.  I’ve played quite a few editions of quite a few games, and I’ve had the displeasure of watching the tabletop role-playing game industry flounder.  My hometown had four friendly local gaming stores, and they flourished for years.  They flourished right up until the industry took a dive, and all four of them had to close shop. This unfortunate turn [Read the article]

Super Soldiers: The Female Form

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Mar 252011
Super Soldiers: The Female Form

As a sci-fi chick, girl gamer, and all-around nerd-bird, you could say that I’ve been there / done that.   I’ve played five editions of D&D, three editions of Star Wars, three editions of ShadowRun, a bunch of Gurps, too much of the various incarnations of the Palladium ‘Verse, Toons, Top Secret, Cyberpunk, Elfquest, Super Babes, Conventions, festivals, and even some good old-fashioned vampiric LARP.  Oh, and I’m not [Read the article]