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Jacob Blackard loves RPGs in nearly all forms, and loves to spout his RPG philosophies whenever given the slightest opportunity. Video game preferences include all of them. Favorite RPGs include Legend from Rule of Cool, D&D, and Interface Zero.

A Brand New 30 Year Old Franchise: The Dark Eye

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Oct 102017
A Brand New 30 Year Old Franchise: The Dark Eye

Many refer to The Dark Eye as Germany’s Dungeons and Dragons. It is a fantasy RPG featuring elves, mages, dwarves, and all the typical things one might expect from a fantasy RPG, and until recently, it was only offered in German. In November of 2016, however, the 5th edition of the game was translated into English, allowing thousands to finally dig in to the system [Read the article]

Oct 032017
Interview with Venger Satanis.  Also, a $500 Contest!

Venger Satanis does not shy away from the controversial… He is the author of Alpha Blue, an RPG that places sexual themes into a spotlight, and his new Adventure Writing Like a Fucking Boss puts an expletive directly into the title of each book. Regardless, his distinctive style provides content for a niche in the RPG industry that most RPG authors leave empty, and Venger [Read the article]

Jun 082017
When is a Pair of Scissors a Dagger?

A longsword does a d8, right? A greataxe does a d12, a dagger does a d4, and longbows can fire arrows accurately at a distance of 100 feet. That’s just how it is. Using the default D&D weapon chart, at least. Really, though, why does a slashing and piercing weapon that does a d4 need to be a dagger? Wouldn’t it be just as reasonable [Read the article]

The Right Tool for the Campaign

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May 152017
The Right Tool for the Campaign

Most role players have a favorite system. For many, it’s Dungeons and Dragons. Sometimes it’s Shadowrun. Hopefully, it’s never FATAL. Regardless of the specifics, it might seem that a favorite system is simply perfect. The system may follow the exact philosophy you have for gaming, it may be balanced, and it might use setting material for your favorite series. Why ever use any other system? [Read the article]

Mar 132017
Olympus, Inc. - Urban Fantasy with that cool Cyberpunk feel

Olympus Inc., a modern day setting for Savage Worlds written by Gilbert Gallo and Charles White (produced by Fabled Environments), is a setting in which the world is controlled by shadow groups. These groups are very powerful, and exert their influence to further their own goals. Unlike most worldwide corporate conglomerates, however, this power does not simply come from significant wealth and connections. In Olympus [Read the article]

Aug 042016
On letting heroes be heroic...

A figure clad in heavy full plate overlooks a cliff. Below, the plague of orcs swarms toward yet another defenseless city. The figure’s companion, a thin young man sporting a bow on his back, walks up to the knight. “We should probably find a secluded way down. Don’t want the whole army to see us.” The figure remains fixed on the army. “You’re wrong. That’s [Read the article]

Review: Wreck Age RPG

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Mar 272014
Review: Wreck Age RPG

Wreck Age, released in 2013 by Hyacinth games, is a surprisingly effective hybrid of tabletop RPGs and miniature war games. Although it isn’t perfect, it should satisfy those who are fans of both, and have longed for a more story-driven wargaming experience…