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Truly Terrifying Vampire LAIRS

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Jul 252017
Truly Terrifying Vampire LAIRS

The Stuffer Shack Press book Truly Terrifying Vampires is full of a lot of really interesting ways of creating horrific monsters – completely unlike the overused tropes of today.  One refreshing way it achieves this is be making their behaviour, their origin story, and even their appearance and mannerisms unsettling, disturbing, and creepy, NOT by simply giving them cool new abilities or super-destructive powers. More [Read the article]

Jun 092015
The Danger of "Everything You Know is Wrong"

You’re GMing when you’re struck with an awesome idea for a new setting or campaign.  This is so cool you simply can’t wait for the current campaign to end.  Instead, you throw the player characters into this new reality.  I call such sudden shifts Everything You Know Is Wrong (EYKIW), wherein everything both players’ and characters’ assumed about the universe and how it functions is [Read the article]

Contests In Roleplaying

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Jun 182012
Contests In Roleplaying

As I was reviewing the 2012 SOTY finalists I had an idea for an article about using contests in roleplaying. As usual when my brain presents me with an idea, it was at an inopportune time.  I quickly noted the idea, shot off a query to Tourq to see if he liked it and then… promptly forgot about it!  Never fear dear reader, your host [Read the article]

Apr 202011
Making Place Names Match a Cultural Theme

Often when we name a place in a campaign setting, we pick something that “sounds cool,” whether cool is an evocative name like “Dark Skull Peak” or just a combination of sounds that sounds neat. While this will usually work fine, if you’re trying to make a given fantasy culture feel exotic or foreign, it helps to make the names of things match both the [Read the article]

Apr 062011
How to Create Interesting Location Descriptions

I’ve been steadily expanding my campaign setting “The Isles” for years. Most recently, I’ve been filling in basic descriptions of places which were nothing more than names on a map. Here’s a technique I’ve developed for generating ideas (when I don’t already have an idea in mind) for a particular settlement. I look at the place on my map and think about the local geography. [Read the article]

Re-Reading the News

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Feb 152011
Re-Reading the News

The big game is coming up and you need a different adventure for your group of experienced players.  Everyone has played through the usual stuff millions of times and it’s time for something fresh and new. You sit down to write… and nothing comes to mind.  You’re drawing a blank, unable to even come up with a  basic plot line to build upon.  Don’t worry, [Read the article]

Making Monsters Memorable

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Dec 202010
Making Monsters Memorable

Welcome Worldbuilder! I’m told that you want to make your monsters stand out from those of other crafters, that you want your fell creatures to still be known for what they are, yet also distinctive and refreshingly new. You also want them to be challenging and full of surprises for those who’ve studied them from other realms, yes? You have set a large task for [Read the article]