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At the heart of temple, the Lizardfolk line suddenly flew apart as a towering Blackscale advanced. Those not quick enough were tossed away like a farmer reaping wheat.

The Blackscale Tribal Fury is tall and muscular, like the others of its bloodline, though not nearly as hulking as the Blackscale Bruiser. It has a more controlled athleticism, allowing it to make precise blows in combat.

While just as savage, once engaged, their mental capacity far outweighs their kin. They are often found leading small tribes when a spiritual leader is unavailable or not strong enough. Even while not in command of the tribe, they are often set to take charge in combat, deciding on tactics and issuing orders in the heat of battle.

Nature 16: This Lizardfolk, known by travelers as a Tribal Fury, is a quick and effective combatant. Smarter than other Lizardfolk, it generally commands the battle. Taking it out early may help turn the tide.

Nature 23: The Blackscale Tribal Fury, while intelligent, is also arrogant. In battle, he tosses allies around to get into the position most desirable for his personal success. Usually, the other Lizardfolk land in decent locations, but it’s hardly the main priority.

In Combat: The Tribal Fury prefers to lead from the front, using javelin attacks only when it would be unable to reach its target safely or without enough time to attack.

The Tribal Fury looks for terrain benefits and flanking from allies in order to gain combat advantage in combat, often tossing allies in order to get them on the other side of the target.

Lairs and Hazards: Lizardfolk favor swamps and Marshes, but the Blackscale Tribal Fury looks for every advantage when inspecting proper terrain for battle. They favor areas that have varying heights in order to take further advantage of their imposing height.

They rarely choose to fight in enclosed spaces due to the decrease in their own mobility, but can occasionally be found in abandoned ruins or repossessed temples. They always take time to inspect and outfit them to their needs before using it for shelter or battle.

In more open areas, they will create basic pit traps to help control enemy movements, while leaving plenty of wider paths that they can easily traverse.

Encounters: The Blackscale Tribal Fury is often the leader in combat, and sometimes finds themselves at the head of entire tribes. Other times, they represent a better level of training from one group of warriors, or they could be a champion of a single dog.

They work well when grouping with mobile or large groups of allies that can move into flanking position and increase their damage. Controllers who can keep enemies in place or off guard are also welcome. Artillery helps support one of their primary weaknesses.

Lizardfolk Scouting Party (level 6): This is a small party of strong and quick Lizardfolk. They move quietly as they travel, and start their attack with surprise if possible.

Use the Hunter’s Sidestep Attack to give the Tribal Fury combat advantage and allow the Darter to stay out of melee combat. When numbers thin, the Tribal Fury holds the party’s attention while another runs to warn the tribe.

Lizardfolk Tribe Leader (level 8 ): Here the Lizardfolk is one of the leaders of the tribe. Play with the command dynamic between the Tribal Fury and the Bog Mystic to open up interesting situations that the players may try to exploit.

Infernal Alliance (level 10): Lizardfolk have many reasons for working with more powerful races. They may be bullied into compliance, or may be lured by the promise of power. However, those situations are an offense to the pride of the tribe and may not last long if given the opportunity for rebellion.

Here we have the Lizardfolk working with a lone chain devil. Perhaps his assistance is part of a bargain made with the tribe, or he was discovered while scouting a temple and mistaken for the avatar of a tribal god.

Treasure: The Blackscale Tribal Fury is often found with a small number of gems on his person (if without magic items). The idea being that if something should befall the rest of tribe, he is more likely to live to flee and needs light liquid income valuable to whoever he comes across. He prefers weapons and neck items where magic items are considered, in order to increase his effectiveness without being weighed down by armor.

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For more information on the Ecology of Lizardfolk, see the Monster Manual and Dragon Magazine 335.

The Blackscale Tribal Fury originally appeared on Free Orcs. It has been revised and expanded upon for this republishing.


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  1. I
    m getting inspired just reading about your lizardmen, as I don’t usaully use these types of monsters. I think I’m going to use them to some degree in my next adventure, though i don’t think all the extra text about encounter ideas is necessary. Your descriptions are more than enough inspiration.

    Thanks alot.

  2. Thats valuable feedback that I really appreciate. Like I said in the comments to the previous post, this was an experiment based on feedback from other parts of the web. While I can certainly see why people might like the treasure ideas and encounter examples, it takes up a surprising amount of time and space, that may have included a second creature type instead.

    Tomorrow, we get one more creature write-up which you may be very interested in, if you’ve liked the Lizardfolk thus far.

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