Aug 272016
#RPGaDAY 27 2016 – Most Unusual Circumstance In Which I've Gamed

The time that comes to mind was after the great blizzard of 1996 in Victoria, British Columbia. Now, although that’s in Canada you should understand that Victoria’s weather is actually the mildest of in the country. Typically the city gets maybe a day or two of snow, sometimes nothing more than a dusting here and there. On those days, mayhem ensues as people unused and unprepared to drive [Read the article]

Aug 262016
#RPGaDAY 26 2016 – What Hobbies Go Best With RPGs

This is a pretty easy one, since RPGs naturally fit in a constellation of various hobbies. Wargaming is the one that gave it birth and miniature painting goes hand-in-hand with it. Computer gaming was born out of tabletop RPGs, and as such, computer programming is another hobby that follows this path. Consuming media is necessary to develop new stories, so goes well with RPGs. Finally, I’d say that artistic [Read the article]

Aug 252016
#RPGaDAY 25 2016 – What Makes a Good Character?

Over the years I have seen a number of good characters, ones that have stood out among the hundreds. What made them stand out was that they were memorable, but what made them memorable? I’d say there are three key factors to making a great character: a strong personality, a strong focus and character development. More awesomeness… Free Camel Exotic Mount with $10+ Order… Favorite Site of [Read the article]

Aug 232016
#RPGaDAY 23 2016 – Best "Worst Luck" Story

As mentioned earlier, I used to play a lot of GURPS and, as I referenced yesterday, one time my luck turned completely one hundred percent bad. The fates had conspired – I must die. More awesomeness… SALE… $0.99 on all Exotic Mounts and Monster Minis! #RPGaDAY 24 2016 – Game I Am Most Likely To Give To Others Riddle Me This… Choose your own Horse Miniatures…

Aug 222016
#RPGaDAY 22 2016 – Supposedly Random Game Events That Keep Recurring

Our most recurring random event is one of our players keeps having the worst luck at the table, drawing the hit when it affects a random player, suffering really bad hits and making terrible rolls at crucial moments. It seems to happen no matter what game we’re playing. Some people’s luck just turns that way. More awesomeness… Tank in Trouble, issue #5 Favorite Site of the [Read the article]

Aug 212016
#RPGaDAY 21 2016 – Preferred Method of Character Improvement

I’m going with an alternative question for today’s #RPGaDay question because I frankly can’t think of a funny misinterpretation. Of course Monty Haul campaigns are in and of themselves misinterpretations of the intent (and rules) of the game, but that’s about all I can think of. For the alternative question, my preferred method of character improvement through experience points, but very loosely applied experience. I tend [Read the article]

Aug 202016
#RPGaDAY 20 2016 – Most Challenging but Most Rewarding Game System

Originally, I thought that this is a tough one because I would equate challenging with complicated. I tend not to like complicated, so-called “crunchy” systems generally. However, then I remembered my younger gaming days and it came to me. More awesomeness… Favorite Site of the Month – GM Oracle #RPGaDAY 11 2016 – Gamer Who Most Affected The Way I Play Tank in Trouble, issue #2 The [Read the article]

Aug 192016
#RPGaDAY 19 2016 – Best Way to Learn a New Game

I suspect most people will say that the best way to learn a new game is by playing it, and I can’t disagree with that advice, but I’d add that playing it with someone who knows the game well is really the best way to learn a new game. More awesomeness… Favorite Site of the Month – Feb/2012 Random “Thank You” email, and now we’re giving [Read the article]

Aug 182016
#RPGaDAY 18 2016 – RPG Groups Could Benefit Most From What Innovation?

It’s hard to say what innovation RPG groups could most benefit from, mainly because most of the best ideas I’ve heard of are no longer innovations. Nevertheless, I really like the concept from the Apocalypse World games of having to create bonds (history or Hx in the game) between players. It’s something that went on before that game, but strong ties between the player characters [Read the article]