Class-Based Thoughts on Gnomes

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Sep 282017
Class-Based Thoughts on Gnomes

Gnomes have been present in mythology since the 16th century. Their roots can be seen in several mythologies, among which are the type of domestic fey that resided in people’s homes fixing broken items, gnomes that played pranks on people, gnomes that made deals in exchange for something, a type earth elemental, and the subterranean type of creatures that were used synonymously with such creatures [Read the article]

Jun 262017
Class-Based Thoughts on Different Types of Elves

Elves are often depicted as guardians of the wilderness, be it forests, plains, mountains, desert, swamps or tundra in RPG games. In the case of the Drow/ dark elves, they would be living in the Underdark, or other such underground areas in your gaming world. Although these stereotypes as to what elves are may be a starting point, in and of themselves they are, quite [Read the article]

Jun 082017
When is a Pair of Scissors a Dagger?

A longsword does a d8, right? A greataxe does a d12, a dagger does a d4, and longbows can fire arrows accurately at a distance of 100 feet. That’s just how it is. Using the default D&D weapon chart, at least. Really, though, why does a slashing and piercing weapon that does a d4 need to be a dagger? Wouldn’t it be just as reasonable [Read the article]

May 222017
Class-Based Thoughts on Different Types of Dwarves

Dwarves are typically viewed as masters of mining, crafting, and warfare in RPGs. Although these stereotypes may be a starting point, in and of themselves they are, quite frankly, boring. What if these ideas could be refreshed, made alive by combining ideas of class into the mix by showing how the different classes would fit into daily life? Read on:

Making Undead Scarier, Part 4: The Lich!

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Feb 132017
Making Undead Scarier, Part 4: The Lich!

Liches are common threats found in many types of RPG games. Unfortunately, it’s far too easy for the GM to roleplay them in a simplistic manner, as simple monsters to vanquish, giving them no backstory or interest, and an opportunity for world building is lost. But by making them unique, giving them unfamiliar and difficult to destroy phylacteries, giving them unique places to find them, [Read the article]

Feb 062017
Character Connection = Player Satisfaction

It’s throwback-time, where we revisit an awesome article from years ago… I don’t think I’m being overly presumptuous when I say that most, if not all gamers want to play a great character.  I’m not necessarily talking about playing some super powerful, mega bad-ass; I’m talking about a character that is something more than just a collection of stats and abilities running around doing stuff. [Read the article]

Jan 122017
What's the Opposite of Optimized?

It’s Throwback-Thursday, where we revisit an awesome article from years ago… I find devoted (read as, crazy) power gamers perfectly adorable.  It’s funny how they will spend so much time reading rules, seeking synergy, and comparing characters on message boards.  The goal, as far as I can tell, is to make sure that the stats, attacks, damage, and checks are all as humongous as possible.  [Read the article]

Aug 092016
College of the Tree Singers, for the D&D 5e Bard Class

Bards that join the College of the Tree Singers [PDF] have an affinity for both music and nature. They seek to learn the ancient and sacred stories and songs of the forests, as well as to preserve these tales and melodies for future generations. Most of the bards who are drawn to this college are elves and half-elves, but the college discriminates against no one [Read the article]

Jul 062016
All-Star Player Characters, the making of

What is an All-Star Player Character? It’s a character that has all the tools needed to make him or her as interesting and fun to play as possible. It’s not necessarily an overload of information; just the right amount of information. When a player writes up a character, it could be just a single sheet with a few numbers on it, several pages of a [Read the article]

Jul 012016
Savage Worlds Character Creation Checklist, v2!

So… With the expectation to always find better tools for gaming, and with more Savage Worlds on the horizon, I have decided to do a thing. When I was first learning Savage as a whole (which happened to be the last time we all played Rippers), I found a sheet that the GM printed out (and has continued to make available) has been immeasurably helpful. [Read the article]