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Apr 102013

This is it!  This is the last day you can enter the 2013 RPG SOTY contest.  Have an RPG blog?  Want to win cool prizes?  Submit your site now! Introduction / FAQ Prizes Submissions Submit your Site Schedule Rules Judges The 2012 SOTY Award The 2011 SOTY Award More awesomeness… Two days left to submit your RPG site… One week until voting begins for your [Read the article]

Apr 092013

All right, now is the time to submit your site for the 2013 RPG Site of the Year contest. You have a blog, right? You want people to know about it, right? Well, then enter it into the contest (for free!) before it’s too late! There’s plenty of gaming blogs out there, but there’s so many more gamers out there looking for gaming blogs to [Read the article]

Prize #5: Pulp! The RPG…

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Apr 082013
Prize #5: Pulp! The RPG...

Beer Star Games is sponsoring the RPG SOTY with a package of their latest products. First up is Pulp! Fantasty: Estia the Isle of Giants. We’re going to send you a physical copy of the book from the first print run on Lulu (it’s got nice paper). Estia is a wild land filled with undiscovered creatures and hidden dangers. The given goal of this adventure [Read the article]

Apr 012013
Prize #4: Gamma World Deck of Many Things!

Roving Band of Misfits is sponsoring the RPG SOTY contest again this year, and they’ve included another cool prize! It’s an actual Deck of Many Things for Gamma World… Artwork was done by Wes Hall, and the original project was created by Michael Robles. If you have a gaming blog or gaming podcast, submit your site now for the 2013 RPG Site of the Year [Read the article]

Prize # 3 – Alea Tools!

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Mar 252013
Prize # 3 - Alea Tools!

A friend of mine bought a set of Alea Tools a while ago and raved about them.  However, I’d never seen them in person until a few days ago – and WOW!  They’re amazingly cool!  Talk about having useful gaming accessories… With Alea Tools celebrating 10 successful and awesome years of business, they’ve sponsored the 2013 RPG Site of the Year contest.  If you have [Read the article]

Mar 222013
Prize #2: Nova Praxis RPG Hardcover, and PDFs of it and other books!

“Nova Praxis is a post-singularity sci-fi setting that explores transhumanism and post-scarcity societies against a backdrop of action, adventure, conspiracy and intrigue… The types of scenarios Nova Praxis is designed for revolve around shady back room deals, corporate espionage, conspiracy and intrigue. The default assumption of the setting is that the characters are members of a crew of specialists who are able to sort of [Read the article]

Mar 182013
$50 Gift Certificate Donated by DriveThruRPG!

The 2013 RPG SOTY is fast upon us!  If you haven’t heard, this is the third annual contest dedicated to roleplaying blogs.  The first two years were awesome…  plenty of sites entered both years, both prize packages were worth hundreds of dollars, and two very awesome RPG sites took the titles: Critical-Hits in 2011, and The Id DM in 2012.  Who will take it all [Read the article]

Jan 242013
The 2013 RPG Site of the Year Contest is now accepting entries!

It’s the RPG Site of the Year Contest! The RPG Site of the Year Award, or SOTY, celebrates gamers and their table-top gaming blogs. It’s a contest for all kinds of table-top gaming blogs (traditional, podcast, and vidcast), and offers tons of prizes from awesome sponsors.  Between our many visitors, readers and judges, we’ll narrow the entries down until we come up with the one [Read the article]