Dec 122016
Life of a Big Irish Gamer: Comes the Fall

Multiple meanings intended. For a great many, it’s been a rough year. For me, November really brought that home. I had a bout with depression – something I’ve only recently begun talking about. Then, I think it’s safe to say, a whole bunch of us slammed into a collective bout… but I will leave that be, as there’s no doubt you’ve all read all about [Read the article]

Dec 052016
Build Your Own RPG Publishing Empire... with No Money Down!

Well… perhaps empire is a bit grandiose, seeing as how my business only grosses a few hundred dollars a year. But Blue Max Studios (my publishing house) has put over thirty RPG titles out in the last six years, for a multitude of different games. What’s more, I have never lost money publishing RPG and supplements. What’s my secret? I actually can’t lose money as [Read the article]

Oct 192016
Life of a Big Irish Gamer: Beginnings

Chris Stevens recently asked me if I’d like to write something regularly for his site, the STUFFER SHACK. He didn’t have anything specific in mind, so I gave it some long thought, and this is what I came up with. More awesomeness… Mass Effect: Encounter Design Principles #RPGaDay2015: Favourite RPG Playing Celebrity Conventionally Speaking, Part 1 Kickstart The Warren

Expanding on We Be Goblins!

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Jun 172016
Expanding on We Be Goblins!

With Free RPG Day coming up this weekend, I thought I would comment on one of my favourite picks – Paizo’s We Be Goblins! adventures. As mentioned previously, I really enjoy these adventures and have had a great time running them for my friends. This year, I’ll be looking forward to picking up the We B4 Goblins adventure from Paizo. In these adventures, you play goblins called upon to perform great [Read the article]

May 042016
Kickstarter Review from a Tabletop Gamer's Perspective

On the occasion of backing one hundred kickstarters, I thought I would reflect on this new sales platform from the perspective of a backer – particularly one who is a tabletop RPG gamer. More awesomeness… Gaming Life: Warhammer World – Session 1 – A Beastly Discovery #RPGaDay2015: Favourite RPG Setting Strands of Eberron (or “How I Learned to Stop Fearing and Start Loving Fate”) TaDRPG

Adventure RPG for Kids 6-8 Years Old

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Dec 222015
Adventure RPG for Kids 6-8 Years Old

As a long-time gamer and a father of a six year old daughter, I’ve been wanting to introduce her to role-playing games for a long six years, and although I’ve tried a couple times rolling dice with her to decide where the story we’re telling goes, I hadn’t tried running an actual game for her and her friends, until now.

Aug 312015
#RPGaDay2015: Favourite non-RPG Thing to Come out of RPGing

The last RPGaDay question for this year asks what was my favourite non-RPG thing to come from RPGing? The friendships that I’ve made through gaming tops the list for me. Many of my closest friends come out of gaming together through the years. That is something that I would sorely miss if I had not played RPGs. More awesomeness… #RPGaDay2015: Favourite RPG Podcast #RPGaDay2015: Longest Campaign Played [Read the article]

#RPGaDay2015: Favourite RPG Playing Celebrity

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Aug 302015
#RPGaDay2015: Favourite RPG Playing Celebrity

For my second to last past of RPGaDay, who is my favourite RPG playing celebrity? One of my biggest heroes growing up was Robin Williams. He was a comic genius and in everything I saw of him, a genuinely decent and caring guy. He lived the motto: life is crazy and you can either laugh or cry. More awesomeness… #RPGaDay2015: Favourite RPG Setting #RPGaDay2015: Favourite Media I [Read the article]

#RPGaDay2015: Favourite RPG Website Blog

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Aug 292015
#RPGaDay2015: Favourite RPG Website Blog

As we close in on the end, day 29 of RPGaDay asks what is my favourite RPG website blog? Other than this one, Gnome Stew would have to be my favourite RPG blog that I read regularly and where I find the most useful tips and advice. More awesomeness… #RPGaDay2015: Favourite RPG Setting #RPGaDay2015: Longest Campaign Played #RPGaDay2015: Forthcoming Game You’re Most Looking Forward To #RPGaDay2015: Favourite Revolutionary Game Mechanic

#RPGaDay2015: Favourite Game I No Longer Play

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Aug 282015
#RPGaDay2015: Favourite Game I No Longer Play

Day 28 of RPGaDay asks what was my favourite game that I no longer play? There are so many games that I no longer play to pick from, this is again a very tough choice. As I think over the various games though, the one that I come back to that I miss the most would have to be Mouse Guard. Although I never played the actual game system, [Read the article]