Apr 212017
12 Unlikely Places for PCs to get Equipment and Supplies

Have these situations ever happened to you? You’re in a dungeon and because the enemies were a bit tougher than you thought that they would be, the PCs either have to retreat back to town to restock up on supplies or get equipment that would make it easier to defeat them. Or the PCs are at the end of a dungeon and find the clues [Read the article]

Apr 172017
To equip, or not?  That is the question.

Your party has been tracking down the dragon across the wilderness. Traveling over the plains took a long time. The forest was full of minions who harassed and ambushed you. Now, mountains loom ahead as you near the location of the creature’s lair. Blocking your way is a deep gorge you need to cross and you are running short on time. The wizard has assessed [Read the article]

Mar 292017
Screwing over the rest of the party... When is it reasonable?

“Hello, I’m your neurosurgeon, Doctor Michael Clauberg. Don’t worry, this won’t hurt—much!” It’s usually a bad idea to screw over the rest of your party, but, just sometimes, it’s awesome, possibly even necessary… More awesomeness… So who exactly is the mule in your gaming group? On letting heroes be heroic… Warhammer 40K – Making Combats Fast and Furious Making Undead Scarier Part 3: Intelligent Corporeal [Read the article]

Mar 042017
GM Screen / Narrative Aid for Shadowrun: Anarchy

Shadowrun: Anarchy is the new, rules-light, narrative-focused, alternate ruleset for the world of Shadowrun (You can read my review Here). It allows GMs and players to get into the action and intrigue of Shadowrun much faster and to stay there much longer without reference to rules and charts and extensive calculations of Shadowrun 5th Ed. There are rules, however light, and every game with rules [Read the article]

Feb 222017
Shadowrun: Anarchy Threats... Sorted Out (PDF!)

In a recent review of CGL’s new Shadowrun: Anarchy, I pointed out that the cast of NPCs published therein were best used as inspiration for your own cast of NPC threats. There were issues with balance, utility, and playability that needed to be resolved before I pit them against my players. In this article, I submit to you the set of NPCs that I have [Read the article]

Fostering Trust In Your Players

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Jan 212017
Fostering Trust In Your Players

It’s throwback-time, where we revisit an awesome article from years ago… I have not played in many groups.  That stands to reason that I have also not experienced many GMs.  However, even with this shortfall, I feel that I have learned, like tons, from my current GM, which has made me appreciate “the game” more and more.  One thing that is just such a breath of fresh [Read the article]

Jan 162017
Maximum Tool’age, for running the BEST gaming sessions…

In order to make the best furniture that they can, a carpenter learns how to use several different tools, and then puts those tools in their toolbox.  When woodworking, they simply pull out the tools that best help them get the job done – and with a greater selection of tools to choose from, they’ll make a better quality product. It’s the same thing for [Read the article]

Jan 092017
Making Undead Scarier Part 3: Intelligent Corporeal Undead:  Vampires & Vampire Spawn

Vampires and their spawn are common threats found in many types of RPG games. Unfortunately, it’s far too easy for the GM to roleplay them in a simplistic manner (as simple monsters to vanquish) giving them no backstory or interest, and an opportunity for world-building is lost. But by giving them a culture, examining vampires from around the world, reducing or changing their weaknesses, and [Read the article]

Jan 052017
The GM is not a player, or is he?

It’s Throwback-Thursday, where we revisit an awesome article from years ago… You know the drill: A group of gamers get together, one’s a GM and the rest of us are players. The GM makes the monsters – we kill them. He makes the NPCs – we steal from them. He makes the traps – we get trapped by them. He designs the adventures – we [Read the article]