May 232015
Warhammer Fantasy Reborn

My favourite fantasy setting would be that of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I remember discovering it when a friend ran a game of it at his house in my college days. Instead of the usual fighters, clerics, wizards and thieves, we were an odd collection of a burgher (merchant), a commoner, an apprentice wizard and me, a trapper. Instead of a trusty broadsword, I had a trap

May 172015
Gaming Life: Return to War of the Dead Finale

The other night we had our final game of the War of the Dead campaign. It’s rare that we finish a campaign, so this was a particular treat. We pick up with our heroes deep inside the Center for Disease Control Headquarters in Atlanta. They had just escaped the main control room for the self-destruct system before it was overrun with the living dead after fighting with soldiers

Apr 172015
Confessions of a Kickstarter Junkie: April Roundup and Retrospective

There’s only one Kickstarter that I’m currently backing this month and I haven’t seen any others that have caught my eye enough to warrant an honourable mention. So, I’m going to cover the one I am backing and then review how Kickstarter has worked for me over the last few years that I’ve been backing projects. RPG Card Decks: NPCs, Creature Ecologies, Adventures (ends April 21) RPG card decks: one

Apr 112015
Gaming Life: Return to War of the Dead Campaign Session 4 - Relocation Camp 5

We returned to the War of the Dead campaign just outside the CDC in Atlanta with the PCs (survivors) being herded to a relocation camp set up by the military to contain the residents of Atlanta who had not succumbed to the sickness. As they were being led to their camp, the FBI agent with them breaks away, running toward a military commander on the

Apr 042015
Deadlands: Reloaded - Into the Caves

We returned to Deadlands: Reloaded for another session. We’ve been having a great deal of difficulty getting all four players together, which is making me rethink how I’ll approach the upcoming Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign I’m planning. I may have to work out a system to allow for one or more to be missing from any given session, otherwise it’ll take forever to complete. In

Mar 182015
Confessions of a Kickstarter Junkie: March's Roundup

Here are a few kick-starters that I’m backing and that you might want to check out: Uncharted Worlds: A Space Opera Roleplaying Game (ends March 20) A space opera tabletop rpg of exploration, combat, politics and commerce across the stars. I’ll cover this one first as it’s ending very early. Generally, I’m hesitant to buy into new game systems without knowing them, but this one is powered by D. Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse

Mar 092015
Gaming Life: GottaCon 2015

Recently I attended the GottaCon in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada. It’s the 7th convention they’ve held and it’s dedicated to gaming of all kinds, but for me it was all about the RPGs. The convention itself was held at the beautiful Victoria Convention Centre after it’s early beginnings in the gyms of recreation centres. With over 3000 attendees, the convention has even spilled over into the adjacent Crystal Gardens, where

Jan 192015
SALE… $0.99 on all Horse Minis, Too!

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