Jan 222014
50% off sale - ALL Exotic Mounts and Monster Minis!

For this sale, all of our Exotic Mounts and Monster Minis are just $2.99 or less! We currently have 25 Exotic Mounts for your PCs and enemies to ride, or monsters for you to throw at the players… Click here to go to the Store! All of our Exotic Mounts and Monster Minis have traditionally been priced up to $5.99 (simply because they are more

Aug 272013
Select Horse Minis are 50% off!

Over the past couple of years, we have sold hundreds of Horse Minis.  They’re all awesome, but some have moved more often than others.  This has resulted in an overstock of certain horses.  Well, it’s time for them to get movin’! Until further notice, most of our Horse Minis are available for only $1.99 each!  Really, I want to clear out the extras! This sale

Aug 082013
The best 3D Terrain is back for the weekend at 50% off!

So a while back I posted about a castle I put together using Fat Dragon downloadable terrain (and I think we can all agree that I love 3D terrain).  Imagine my elation when I got an email saying that Fat Dragon was bringing back some of their retired terrain!  I have several of their products (including most of their Expansion Sets and several of their