Mar 132017
Olympus, Inc. - Urban Fantasy with that cool Cyberpunk feel

Olympus Inc., a modern day setting for Savage Worlds written by Gilbert Gallo and Charles White (produced by Fabled Environments), is a setting in which the world is controlled by shadow groups. These groups are very powerful, and exert their influence to further their own goals. Unlike most worldwide corporate conglomerates, however, this power does not simply come from significant wealth and connections. In Olympus [Read the article]

Shadowrun: Anarchy – an Overview

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Dec 222016
Shadowrun: Anarchy - an Overview

It’s been a few months since Shadowrun: Anarchy’s release and now the hard copy is available as well. I got my hands on the PDF immediately after much anticipation. The game, which is rules-light, narrative focused, and set in the same rich Shadowrun setting, was the game I had been waiting for (for 25 years). This overview is going to be strange; it will be [Read the article]

The genius of D6 (and why you should try it)

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Jun 272016
The genius of D6 (and why you should try it)

I have a special place in my heart for the D6 system… To give a very brief summary, the D6 system measures attributes, skills, and equipment modifiers in a number of d6 dice. All of these dice are combined into a “Dice Pool” that is rolled for a total added value – against a set difficulty number.  That’s it. This simple system has been repeatedly [Read the article]

Dec 312015
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - The Winds of Change Adventure Review

This winter, my gaming group is exploring adventures from the now-defunct third edition of Warhammer Fantasy Role-play series using my own custom “Warhammer World” game system. The system has been working well for us, already working on the third revision, but for this review, I will be reviewing The Winds of Change adventure from the perspective of how much fun it could be for your own table, game system [Read the article]

Jun 122015
Spirit of 77 RPG - Review and Scenario

I had the chance to try out Spirit of 77, a funky 1970’s tabletop role-playing game. I had backed the kickstarter back last fall and thought it would be fun for my Victoria group of friends. As it turned out, although I already had the pdf, my hardcopy arrived in the mail the day before our game. The game is described by its creators as follows: Spirit of 77 is an [Read the article]

RPG Review: Hero Kids

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May 092015
RPG Review: Hero Kids

Like all gaming Dads, I want to introduce my hobby to a new generation of gamers. My daughter is nearing the age when I think she’ll be ready to play, but my nephew definitely has the skills (reading, math) to learn about role-playing. So, I scoured the web for different options (there are a number) and decided to try out Hero Kids. I picked up the [Read the article]

Tabletop RPG Music by Angryfolk Band

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Feb 112015
Tabletop RPG Music by Angryfolk Band

There isn’t much music out there about the hobby that we all love, so when some does come along, it deserves a shout out. The Angryfolk Band have released a new album of gaming songs, Once Upon a Tavern. Note that this isn’t isn’t background music for games, but rather songs about tabletop gaming.   The Band features Stu from the Happyjacks RPG podcast, giving it true gamer streetcred. [Read the article]

Dec 292014
Dragon Age Thrillogy: Inquisition Reviewed

Dragon Age: Inquisition has a lot riding on it, no doubt of that. As the third entry in the Dragon Age saga, continuing the story of the fan favorite Dragon Age: Origins and the underrated follow up Dragon Age 2: The Sequel (no that is not the actual title come on guys), Inquisition has a solid foundation to build on. The question is, can it [Read the article]