Mar 262017
Class-Based Character Backgrounds [part 1]

It’s throwback-time, where we revisit an awesome article from years ago… In my last article, Character Connection = Player Satisfaction, I talked about hooks that connect the character and the player to the campaign.  One of the three fundamental questions I suggested readers to ask themselves was, “Why did my character choose his class?” The answer to that question helps connect your character to the setting.  [Read the article]

Nov 182014
Gunston Croan, the Ex-Hellknight Scrapper - Steal this Background

As a young lad, Gunston Croan couldn’t wait to join the Order of the Pike. In fact, he AND his brother trained like fiends to become Hellknights. When the order came looking for “volunteers,” the paralictor nearly choked on his own spit as he saw the two brothers eagerly step forward. Soon after training began, Gunston started having second thoughts – sparring against a summoned devil was not his idea of how a lawful order should operate. Regardless, there was no way out – he would just have to deal with it…

Apr 152014
Kaplen Applewood, the Urban Barbarian - Steal this Background

“For five years I followed orders, raged, and killed. I guess they thought I had enough, or were tired of trying to control me in their secret camps. I was “discharged” last year. I reported to some fancy officer in robes. He was supposed to erase my memories, I think. Didn’t work though. He was too drunk to do the job proper.”

Feb 072014
3-D Man (Delroy Garrett) - Marvel Datafile

The Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game may have been cancelled but there are lots of books still out there to be purchased and games to be played. The core of the system is also available in the Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide. So with that in mind I’m preparing a few new Marvel Datafiles. First up is the 3-D Man. Delroy Garrett is the modern incarnation of [Read the article]

Agent 13 – Marvel Datafile

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Oct 302013
Agent 13 - Marvel Datafile

Sharon Carter is one heck of a woman. There’s no super soldier serum here, no cosmic rays, no mutation and no high tech suit. Everything she can do comes from her own human abilities. She’s one of SHIELD’s top agents, trained in combat, espionage and computers. She’s proved herself worthy of being the Director of SHIELD and even an Avenger, but she always falls back [Read the article]

May 092013
Dazzler - Marvel Datafile

Dazzler was originally intended to be a multi-media tie in character. Marvel writes a comic, a studio makes a movie, everyone profits. The movie deal never made it into production and the character got cancelled and reworked five or six times before Marvel finally decided to just go with the character they had spent so much time working on. I can see why. Dazzler is [Read the article]

Apr 052013
Sgt. "Axecutioner" Vorell - steal this warlord

In years past, Sgt. Vorell was just a lad tagging along with an adventuring group – a henchman, really.  Throughout his younger years he’s seen and done a great many things.  There were goblins and orcs, zombies and werewolves, and even dungeons and dragons – he has seen and done quite a lot indeed.  As a henchman, however, he rarely received any notoriety or fame, [Read the article]

Feb 262013
The Professor - steal this Alchemist background

THE PROFESSOR When The Professor was a child, his father would bring him along on trips to Sandpoint. Sandpoint was just a small town then, but it had a great and magnificent ancient tower, one that this boy liked to play near. He imagined many great knights and princesses once lived there, and since it was still standing, it must have seen quite a few [Read the article]