Nov 022011

The Setup The PCs are traveling between towns, no big deal. It’s just a regular day, maybe it’s raining or snowing. Maybe the wind foreshadows some bad weather ahead. Maybe they’re just noticing that they haven’t seen the sun all day. Or, maybe it’s just a bright day and the butterflies are flying and the birds are chirping. Things are just dandy until they run

Nov 022011
The Friendly Bar Room Brawl

How many times have you watched a bar room brawl on TV and thought, “Cool. Too bad it doesn’t happen like that in real life.”? Well, I usually say, “Cool. Too bad it doesn’t happen like that in RPGs.” Now it does! Introducing the Friendly Bar Room Brawl! Use this encounter any time your players are in a bar, and you want some good old-fashioned

Jun 152011
Garrison Road (steal this encounter)

Garrison Road – trickling with bandits, and bordering well-known Orc tribes in the forest.  However, that is no issue for your PCs; they can most certainly handle themselves. Bandits? Ha! They laugh in the face of bandits, and Orcs exist for the sole purpose of sharpening your blades before taking on dragons, and your PCs know it. So, they decide to travel this perilous road, despite the

Jun 032011
Solo Trap: Rolling Boulder Gauntlet (steal this encounter)

Here’s another submission for Stuffer Shack – I guess it falls under Steal This Encounter. It’s a solo trap that I ran with great success in my own campaign. To make the best use of this encounter, it is being presented as a PDF.  There’s a lot of good info to help run this trap, including use of several obstacle/hazard stat blocks, and even a record of

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May 312011
Negotiations at the Temple of Blood - Steal this Encounter

In an abandoned village, off a road rarely traveled, rests a temple forgotten by all but a select few. The temple was once a place dedicated to the gods of good and protection, and in such a small community, it served as the center of daily life. These days it only sees activity two nights a month. That is when the vampire lord Andragen conducts business.

May 102011
Minion Madness - Steal this Snake Trap

By Alton, from 20ft Radius. Traps have always intrigued me.  From Indiana Jones to Gilligan’s Island, and from SAW to Star Wars, traps have always been sources of conflict to entertain the audience.  What better way to create suspense than to place the characters from a book, movie, or even television into a situation, and to watch how they manage to get themselves out of it?

Apr 082011
Countryside Barn - Steal this Encounter

In the hamlets surrounding most major population centers, farmers and ranchers eke out a meager existence, growing all manner of crops and raising livestock. But outside city walls, law enforcement isn’t present, and often skirmishes can break out in the least likely of places. Hooks: Perhaps the party arranges to meet in the barn as neutral ground. Perhaps a ranch hand is involved in something

Feb 112011
Ambush on the Old Marsh Road - Steal this Encounter

This is a level 7 encounter for five players. Background: It’s no secret how the Old Marsh Road got its name. The Sulkpeel Swamp has always posed a threat to travelers, and the practice of going around it to get to the next major city soon created an easily followed path. As time progressed, some people settled along the road, offering beds to travelers and