Oct 052013

Some of my characters exist in particular worlds, others are designed to be dropped in anywhere a GM might need them. The Brothers are an idea I’ve had for when I next run a Deadlands game, so they will be written to fit into that world. Please feel free to change anything that doesn’t make sense if you want to use them in a different [Read the article]

Aug 312013

I usually put a genre in the title for these, but this one works in pretty much any modern setting, and as you will see below, you could even have this chap turn up in a game with a supernatural element. Vald seems like two different people to almost everyone who knows him. By day he works at a diner and is the epitome of [Read the article]

Aug 092013

The term Street Samurai is often overused. Any yahoo with a vaguely oriental looking sword strapped to their bike feels like they have the right to claim some kind of heritage as a Japanese warrior. Few, if any of them, take the time to understand the meaning of Bushido, and even fewer choose to follow the way. Akihiro has a right by birth and upbringing [Read the article]

Jul 262013

In my head, this would work best for a modern day urban fantasy/horror game, but I’m sure a resourceful GM could easily adapt what is presented below to fit the setting and system of their choice. They’ve been around since humans had any concept of poverty, and just how badly it affects the more vulnerable members of their society. Although to say “they” isn’t quite [Read the article]

Jul 132013

I will happily admit that this idea is inspired by the trailer for the rather lovely looking schlock horror flick Frankenstein’s Army, but I do think it could easily be used in other settings too. Here’s my take on some steampunky goodness. Although the Victorians are often seen as revering death, in their form of dress and how ceremonial their displays of grieving are at [Read the article]

Jun 212013

I promise, this is the last of the crew, and I’ll do something different next week. It is well known that a handful of years ago, Lucius’s countrymen invaded the city state. Lucius did what a lot of ex-legionaries did and strapped his armour on, grabbed his shield and gladius, and went down to the docks to help repel the invaders. This made it a [Read the article]

Jun 142013
Steal this Fantasy Villain: Lellandra "Red" Vespera

Being the only progeny of one of the city’s richest families meant Red had a very easy life early on. If she had been born a son, her most pressing concerns would have been finding a wife and not frittering away the family fortune. It was not the case though, and her father doted on her magnificently. Everything she wanted was provided, every whim acceded [Read the article]

Jun 072013
Steal this fantasy villain: Drona, the Daemonologist

Another member of the Lucius crew, and I thought I’d give you a magic user of sorts, this time round. In his home country, summoning a Daemon to do a job is normal. People who can do so well are highly prized, but almost half the population have the ability to bring forth smaller denizens of the other realm to work for them. What is [Read the article]

Jun 012013
Steal this fantasy villain: Stalland Oggthorpe

I’m afraid the regular readers here will have to indulge me on my next few posts. I had a great time last week writing up Lucius, and I have since been working out some other members of his crew. What follows is the first of several that all work with the disgraced Legionnaire. After the description there will be a small section on how to [Read the article]

May 242013
Steal this Fantasy villain: Lucius Corvinus Draco

Born to an army camp whore, he had few options in life other than to join the outpost garrison he found himself at as a young man. Scrawny and ill suited to military life, he did the bare minimum required to get by without too many punishment lashings, and quickly did everything in his power to make his life as easy as possible. With a [Read the article]