Jun 192017
Enhance your game.  This time, with DOORS.

Doors. Every dungeon has them. Rules governing traps and locks have made them an essential part of every dungeon crawl. Unfortunately, the narrative influence of doors on a given game’s events is a sadly underplayed phenomenon. Ask any adventurer about what they remember most in a campaign and it will likely be an enemy, a critical fail, a cleverly role-played moment, or some other non-door [Read the article]

Mar 152013
The Sword of Lies - steal this item

This week’s column sees me taking a slightly different tack; instead of laying down a plot seed, I’m giving you an item, and a way to drop it into your games. I hope you get some use from it, and as always, it should be possible to add this to any system/setting that makes sense. The sword of Lies is an item of legend. As [Read the article]

Doctor (W)hats: Steal this Item

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Nov 022011
Doctor (W)hats: Steal this Item

They say the clothes make the man. This is of course, ridiculous. Imagine clothes making people! Don’t be absurd. However, sometimes a key article can make the man all the more exciting, inspiring or creative. Clothes are fun, especially when there’s magic involved. Nobody knows the value of a proper accessory more then the Doctor. With the recent season closer, we present to you a [Read the article]

Psychic Paper – Steal this Item

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May 302011
Psychic Paper - Steal this Item

Today in the United States we are celebrating Memorial Day. We were going to delay our next article until Tuesday. However, I was recently speaking with Jared Von Hindman (the weird D&D art guy) about how release schedules are unfair internationally. We here at StufferShack.com believe that we should all be able to watch and read the best geek content with relative equality. In the [Read the article]

Deck of Many Boons

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Aug 092010
Deck of Many Boons

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get some sort of benefit in-game for doing things that promote better gaming?   I do.  That’s why I hand-crafted the Deck of Many Boons.  It may look like an ordinary deck of cards, but this could not be further from the truth!  You see, it took many decades of alchemy, wizardry, and drunken dumbery to create, no, to [Read the article]