Oct 102016
DMing Monsters: Plants, Slimes, Molds, Jellies, and Puddings!

Most DMs don’t have many encounters with plant monsters, slimes, molds, and puddings. They’re oftentimes relegated to things that players stumble into like traps, side quests, and areas of heavy overgrowth. With a few simple solutions, they can easily take the spotlight…

Oct 262013

The Myth. It was many years ago that the Farmer Simkins got the fright of his life. His once prize sow was fat with a litter, after two barren years. He had been sharpening the ax to take the meat from her since she was past her best, but when she started showing signs of being in the motherly way, she was spared, at least [Read the article]

Cyberman – Marvel Datafile

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Nov 302012
Cyberman - Marvel Datafile

Here’s a long overdue reader request. The Cybermen for D&D 4e is one of our more popular articles on Stuffer Shack. With all my Marvel Heroic playing, Christopher Hatty was hoping I had Cortex+ Stats. Well it’s been a long time coming, but here it is. These stats are specifically for the new series cybermen from the alternate dimension. If you compare the stat block below with [Read the article]

Dec 282011
Weeping Angels - Steal This Monster

The Weeping Angels are an alien race developed for and featured in the current run of Doctor Who. The version presented here has been slightly altered in order to create a compelling 4th edition combatant. “Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead. Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And don’t blink. Good Luck.” – The Doctor. The Weeping Angels are one of the oldest races [Read the article]

Dec 212011
Steal this Monster: The Chaos Golem

Before the multiverse was split into the two factions of Toril and Abeir by Ao, The primordials and the gods were waging the Dawn War in the multiverse. The primordials were in a constant battle with the gods for total dominance of the cosmology. The primordials, beings of elemental energies collaborated often in the creation of being to help them in their war against the [Read the article]

May 232011
Cybermen - Steal this Monster

“They’ve had all their humanity taken away. That’s a living brain jammed inside a cybernetic body, with a heart of steel. All emotions removed.” –The Doctor (Rise of the Cybermen, 2005) Download the PDF of this article, here. Cybermen are a staple villain in Doctor Who, second only to the Daleks and possibly The Master. We’ve seen several different variations of these metal monstrosities over [Read the article]

May 192011
Playing with FATE: Creating a Huge-Ass-Snake Monster

Welcome back to our Playing with FATE series. Being the GM of any game definitely has it’s rewards, but it also has it’s challenges.  A big part of those challenges includes working those creative muscles – specifically envisioning, designing, and implementing adversaries for your group.  Sure, this can also be a reward, which is why I’m enjoying writing this particular post.  Today, I’m going to [Read the article]

May 172011
Giant Cobra Boss - Steal this Monster

I’m gonna change things up a little bit with this particular creature, so let me explain a few things. This is an adaptation of the Boss Monster template that can be found over at The Angry DM. I say adaptation because I’ve changed a few things up. You see, the idea behind the boss monster is to emulate boss monsters from various video games. You [Read the article]

Apr 162011
Calis, Avian Demon - Steal this Monster

This entry is based on Open Game Content by Netherworks. Read more about this collaboration, and see more interpretations, here.   Fools misjudge the odd looking Calis at first sight. The odd form of bird and man can seem almost comical. While they are certainly not the smartest creatures, they should not be underestimated. Their weapons are not for show, and they follow orders with [Read the article]