How to Tame your Dragon Mount

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Jan 192012
How to Tame your Dragon Mount

Riding dragons is one of those ultimate staples of fantasy, but tabletop gamers with a little experience may view it as unrealistic. Dragons are intelligent, proud and very powerful. It would be very difficult to convince one to serve as your mount for a short time, and likely require a very dire situation. To gain one as a companion seems practically impossible, not to mention

Nov 022011
Tourqen Panther (steal this mount)

You never see the Kathari elves until it’s too late. Quiet, they are, and quick as any man. Old King Draten thought to keep his men safe by only allowing mounted riders down the forest roads. That’s when the elves started training their cats. . . These panthers are twice as large as regular pack leaders, and dark as the moonless sky. Their claws appear

May 202011
Alternative Awards – Leveling the Dire Wolf

In Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition (as with many RPGs) your expected treasure is factored in when determining difficulty. To say it another way, when designing monsters of a certain level, designers have a rough idea of what a player’s attack, damage and defenses are at this level. To reach this approximation, they factor in average equipment values. They expect for you to have that

Mar 032011
Chimera Mount (steal this mount)

The Chimera, once thought impossible to tame, has become a challenge to a few brave souls.  Few have mastered this talent, as many others have fallen to the beast, or been horribly mauled.  However, those who are successful in dominating this beast gain a fiercely loyal companion. Prospective riders must be present at the creature’s birth/creation, and must take part in its training (anywhere from