Sep 132013

In the next couple of months I will hopefully be starting to play a new game written and created by a couple of mates of mine. Due to the nature of how players are selected for games though, there’s no guarantee that I’ll end up in said game. I have come up with a character already though, so thought i’d share it here for anyone else to [Read the article]

Jun 292013

Cooper was born to a nomad family, and as such was labelled from birth as being just another member of the pack. This is fine when one is young, and belonging to something bigger than yourself is a comfort, but when adolescence hits, it gets harder and harder to stay where you’re told. So Cooper filled his bike with gas, and put the tent city [Read the article]

Cloak – Marvel Datafile

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Jun 132012
Cloak - Marvel Datafile

Many of the heroes in Marvels 80s lineup were a little dark. It was a gritty time for many forms of entertainment, and Cloak was a hero who literally embodied this ideal. I mean, he’s made of darkness, and darkness feeds on bad people. Plus he hates drugs, and his partner wore an impossibly tight suit. He’s managed to survive the last two decades despite [Read the article]

May 182012
Silver Samurai - Marvel Editable Datafile

Silver Samurai is probably best known by fans for his appearances on the old X-Men cartoon show. This sometimes villain, sometimes hero has had a much larger history in the comics however, ranging from crime lord, to Hydra bodyguard, to a premier member of the Japanese Super Group ‘Big Hero Six’. You’ll find statistics for him as a Minor Villain in the Marvel Heroic Basic [Read the article]

Madame Hydra and the Hand

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May 142012
Madame Hydra and the Hand

It may seem like an odd pairing, but this grouping is ripped from the pages of New Avengers. If you’re going to continue the events as they roughly happened after the Break Out! Mini Event, then you’ll soon find these two in Japan, helping to set the stage for Secret Invasion way down the line. Madame Hydra is a near ageless villain devoted to, you [Read the article]

Apr 252012
Deadpool - Marvel Editable Datafile

Who’s got two regenerating thumbs and is your favorite crazy assassin? This guy! Deadpool’s abilities haven’t changed too much over the years, but the way that writers treat him has. I’ve tried to create a version here that rewards players for playing into Deadpool’s madness, while slowly building the doom pool as a result. Hopefully, people can play him as either a crazed loon or as lovable satire with the [Read the article]

Mar 302012
Marvel Editable Datafile - Featuring Thor!

I’ve been tinkering with the following for about two weeks now. I’ve seen lots of new Marvel Datafiles floating around the net since Marvel Heroic Roleplaying launched. Many appear in plain text, while others have created large, colorful image files for their characters. I’ve striven to create something in between. The below was created with Word, and we’ve included the .docx file so you can edit to make [Read the article]

May 162011
Plot Heavy Patrons - Snakes

Dungeons & Dragons, 4th Edition loves patrons. Not only are they built right into the mechanics of the Warlock, but there is also a great deal of fluff devoted to gods and primal powers. In this article, we’ll present three patrons to use in your campaign, with motivations for players and greater complexity for DMs. Jazirian The Lawful Good god of Community, Peace and Learning [Read the article]

May 122011
The Cult of Eternity’s Path - Steal this Snake Cult

The idea behind this is to give you a subversive group to add to some city, kingdom, or other location in your game, and to potentially tempt your players with. In the interest of usability, I’m going to try to stick to the basics, and keep time-sensitive material (i.e. swords, lasers) out of the picture. Feel free to use this in a game set in [Read the article]