May 032011
Brother Laurence of the Chizoba Sect - Steal this Major NPC (download)

Please welcome The Id DM, and his first submission at the Shack. Download the PDF: Brother Laurence of the Chizoba Sect History Long before being known as Brother Laurence, the man currently a pillar of the community, he was known by his birth name, Kayin Erslad. Kayin’s mother, Dina, stayed at home most of her life caring for her five children. Kayin’s father, Laurence, was a [Read the article]

Dec 072010
Drig'Drall, the Station Master - Steal this NPC

“If that freight doesn’t get loaded on time, I am going to turn you into a cow catcher!” [Looking at his stop-watch] “They are very, very late.  Someone is getting tied to the train tracks.” Drig’Drall’s Story Drig’Drall was once a Barbaric Monk of a wild tribe of Goliaths from a deserted wasteland of a country.  His clan practiced a strange form of primal magic [Read the article]

Dec 052010
Kerocene, the Quasi-Deity - Steal this NPC

Kerocene, paladin, and the mayor of Old York, is a Half Mercury Dragon that is the grand daughter of Bahamut. She lovingly refers to our group of adventures as her idiots. Even going out of her way when they are off doing other things to call on new idiots. When she first appeared, she was held captive by the old ruler of Old York. She [Read the article]

Dec 052010
Braxis Midewin, Dwarf Artificer Auctioneer - Steal this NPC

Braxis owns and operates the Midewins and Friggols Magical Auction House and Artifact Emporium.  He’s a thinker, and likes to go against the normal day-to-day operations of other stores.  He decided instead of letting heroes come to him, he would bring the store to them.  Braxis created a magical device called the Auction Assistant 1000 (500 GP to buy, or DM’s price).  It is a [Read the article]

Dec 042010
Cap'n Spivey - Steal this NPC

Captain Spirodos “Spivey” Swiftknife is currently the captain of the HMS Nightingale, a merchant marine vessel. Many rumors surround this man. And the truth may top them all! He was once a captain in the Imperial Navy and took part in the battles against the Sea Kingdoms. He was also tried for, convicted, and exonerated of piracy and other crimes on the high seas (including [Read the article]

Nov 252010
Paynia, the Shadar-Kai Holy Assassin - Steal this NPC

Paynia Dragonheart– (Monks name) Paynia Shadaria– (True Name) Age – 21 Sex – Female Height – 5’10” Skin Color – Grayish White Hair Color – Black Life was Hard Paynia hails from the Shadar Kai village of Borukai, deep inside the Shadowfell. As a little girl, she endured great hardship – her parents were slaughtered in front of her by a band of Tiefling mercenaries. [Read the article]

Nov 242010
Glitch, the Warforged Bodyguard - Steal this NPC

Glitch is a Warforged, built to be fighter and a bodyguard. He stands approximately 7′ 7″ and is 3 feet wide at his shoulder. He is rather fearsome to look at, but in all actuality possesses a child-like innocence and curiosity. Unfortunately, when Dr. Melkanin created him, he made a minor miscalculation. Rather than being a fighter, he is a barbarian. When directly addressed, he [Read the article]

Nov 222010
Laredd Brewer, the Tavern Owner - Steal this NPC

Name: Laredd Brewer Race: Human Age: 40 years old Occupation: Brewer, Tavern Owner Family History: Laredd Brewer is a 12th generation Brewer and the 4th generation tavern owner. His great-grandfather Frobaen Brewer became very well known after he changed the family recipe to include more exotic hops procured from far away lands. With so many people wanting William’s ales, he decided to open up The [Read the article]

Nov 212010
Fade, the Night's Exile (steal this NPC)

The realm of the Fae is strange, unknown to those who live in the “mortal plane”. They fear it, and none seek to live in its shadow. The mortals whisper about it, knowing it for its ties to nature, to the forests, to the full moons…and to the stars of night. Fade walks the mortal plane, exiled from it by a terrible upheaval of Fae [Read the article]

Nov 172010
Cornelius Fibble: the Gnome, the Legend - Steal this NPC

Famous Quotes: “Size doesn’t matter, all that counts is how you use me…eh, I mean, it.” “Call me an ‘ankle biter’ one more time and you’ll be missing an Achilles tendon!!” “Oy! Barkeep, get me like five beer bottles.  No, I don’t need the beer.  Time to start crackin skulls.” “Did you ever hear the one about the bartender that turned into a Platinum dragon? [Read the article]