Contest #3: Your Best NPC!

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Nov 102010


NPCs that stick in the minds of the players are simply one of the best story-telling tools you can have in your gaming tool box.  Aside from statless non-wonders to be exploited and stepped on, NPCs can and do provide so many uses in any game.  Since there are so many NPCs in the game world, I think it’s important to have a few non-vanilla types on hand, ready to spice up your story.

So, let’s keep this one simple. For this contest, I’m looking for your best NPC.  Place your entry here!

  • Your NPC can be for any game or genre.
  • You must provide at least a couple of paragraphs to describe him/her.
  • Your entry will most likely be posted, and then added to the “Steal this NPC” page.
  • Judging will be done by Stuffer Shack crew (who can’t enter).
  • This contest will end when 10 NPCs have been posted, or November 30 (whichever comes last).

1st Place

  • Dragon Dice bag
  • Your choice of the following sets of Q-Workshop dice
  • Your choice of the two unique Horse Minis

2nd Place

  • Your choice of the remaining three sets of Q-Workshop dice
  • The remaining Horse Mini

3rd Place

  • Your choice of the remaining two sets of Q-Workshop dice

Place your entry here!

The two Horse Minis are unique (they aren’t for sale).  The first is a charging warhorse, and the second is a very large horse (it’s still large-sized, just very large).

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Chris Stevens

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  5 Responses to “Contest #3: Your Best NPC!”

  1. Sounds like fun. Im in. Do you want Stat blocks as well?

  2. Stat blocks would be cool, but they certainly aren’t needed.

    Everything (except art) is a factor!


  3. My entry is in. Hope it meets your expectations.

  4. sent in another one for your review. enjoy.

  5. Thank you sir, and good luck!

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