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Coramyr, Son of Grimnir
Chieftain of the Sunrunner Clan
by Craig Nelson

Coramyr grew up the spoiled prince of the Sunrunner Clan, located deep in the tundra and grasslands known to belong to the many barbarian clans there. He excelled in warfare and in a sense of justice, but had trouble in growing up inside, in showing the wisdom expected of his station and status.

This, and many more things, changed when Coramyr was sent along with a handful of other warriors to the Mother’s Womb, the heart of the grasslands, where hundreds of long mounds housed the cairns of ancient tribal chiefs and ancient kings, where the clear, strong spring of the grasslands spawned many rivers. He and his warriors went there because rumors had been told of foul tampering with the dead, and even hints that some were made to rise again.

Many desecrated cairns and bodies were found as they arrived, and they then stirred… Most of the warriors who came with Coramyr died at the hands of men long dead themselves.

Back at the longhouses of his people’s land, many foreign tribes usually loyal to the Sunrunners (the Windmanes, the Red Eyes, even the strange Moon Skins) attacked in the small of the dawn, betraying kindred oaths and even breaking traditions of bread and salt as guests within, rising with axes and swords and fire in hand to slay all.  From strong warriors to babes held close to women’s breasts, all but a few old women and children of Clan Sunrunner died that day.

Coramyr found himself having to grow up fast, sending his few remaining people far into the mountains to hide within winter caves there.

He vowed to die gloriously by confronting the enemy in single combat, but was turned from that path one night, when a mysterious and compelling dream took him further south to meet strange people and strange ways. This dream strangely turned him from hateful vengeance… Praying to Lysdanir and making a sacrifice of enemies and bison, he finally embraced his role as a warrior of his god, Lysdanir, the last Chief of his people.

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