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In the Shadowfell, Shadar-Kai live in the extreme.  You would too, lest you succumb to the dreary woes of that realm.  In that extreme you would embrace pain, just so that you could feel something.  They are no strangers to pain, these Shadar-Kai, and no strangers to combat.  They look forward to it, relish it, love it.  Crux Tel is one such warrior.

By chance, he had the opportunity to travel to the natural world, where the light of day burned his skin for the first time, he smelled the stench of roses for the first time, and the opportunities for great battles with natural beasts begged, for the first time.  He doesn’t think he’ll ever get used to this natural world, with all it’s pleasantries.

It was enough to make any sane Shadowfeller go insane.  But, no other from his tribe had been to the natural world, and he wasn’t going to lose this opportunity.  For when he went back home, he would crow his battles all night long, like no other Shadar Kai had.  The natural world, or Hell, as he referred to it, would just have to endure him until then.

“I know he kidnapped your kids, and you want them back, but they’re just kids.”

The Twist: Crux Tel’s position in his tribe was that as a defender.  However, this Swordmage always felt he should have been trained as a Raiding Hunter, and so he always fights as a striker, charging into battle without any regard for his safety.  He’ll attempt the most daring stunts in battle and go after the toughest foes by himself, just so that he can crow about it later, when he finally returns to his tribe.

Though Crux Tel is a devote follower of the Raven Queen, he is logical enough to know that most gods have something of value to offer, when needed.

He doesn’t know yet what to think about these softies in the natural world, except that they’re soft.  It’ll take a lot for them to prove themselves otherwise.

Chris Stevens

Chris Stevens is the Owner and Executive Editor (he can use that title - he checked) of Stuffer Shack. He is the son of his non-famous (but totally awesome) father, and has written, like, tons of gaming material (none of which will he ever try to publish). He started Stuffer Shack in 2010 and is very proud of the site, very pleased with its store, and very thankful for its writers.

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