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SOTY Shield 2013Check out the following 4 RPG blogs, then cast a vote for your favorite!

This is day 1 of 4 for Reader Voting of the 2013 RPG Site of the Year contest. Monday – Thursday we’ll have a new group of sites for you to check out and vote on. We’ll post the four finalists on April 22nd, and then the winner on April 29th. So, after you vote (below), come back tomorrow to vote again, then to see the finalists, and then the 2013 RPG Site of the Year winner!

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– Online since: August, 2011
– Must read #1:  Monsters: An Index of Our Monsters (A pdf Bestiary is in the works)
– Must read #2: Space-Age Sorcery Now Available For Download
We are the online home for Bujilli, Wermspittle, Lithus Sector, and an ever-growing assortment of Classic Table-Top RPG stuff that you can use for whatever system/edition you like.

– Online since: January, 2009
– Must read #1:  The Best in Horror RPGs: Unfair Verdicts
– Must read #2: Thanes of Whiterun: Skyrim via Hollowpoint
I run a lot of campaigns, probably too many. I’ve used Age of Ravens to talk about how I’ve run, what I’ve seen in games, and tactics I’ve used successfully (and unsuccessfully). That means a combination of articles on GM tricks (making stronger NPCs, speeding combat), reviews with a focus on the GM side (examining early L5R products for use with the new edition, reassessing classic campaigns), actual play (write ups and videos), and analysis of particular topics (the history of horror RPGs, inventorying superhero cities). We’ve recently added a podcast as well, Play on Target. I enjoy reading gaming blogs that talk about the craft of running games. Reviews and play discussions work best when they have value-added commentary. With Age of Ravens, I try to talk about my process- offering post-mortems for campaigns and showing how a group’s handled ideas like collaborative world building.

– Online since: September/2010
– Must read #1: Black & White: A Dice Mechanic
– Must read #2: The Last Child of Io
Glimm’s Workshop is a blog that focuses on game mechanics, free material, and gamemastering advice. It originally featured mostly D&D content, but has since expanded to include posts on a wide range of tabletop games including Dragon Age, Warmachine, and Marvel Heroic Roleplaying.

– Online since: June/2011
– Must read #1: Creating a GURPS Character
– Must read #2: The Adventure Creation Process
I am an old school gamer who had missed playing RPG’s. During the creation of this site and the subsequent posts I have reinvigorated my obsession. GURPS is my system of choice. I have played many other systems over the years and will continue to do so. This blog has helped me get back to the table. My idea for the site is to provide my RPG experience and views. Though some may not agree I respect all opinions. I want to be someone that grows the hobby and encourages all kinds of discussion about RPG’s.

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Voting has closed!  Thank you!

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  3 Responses to “Day 1 of 4 – Vote Now For Your Favorite RPG Blog!”

  1. Wow, I love this voting format, Chris! As a non-RPG player I’m not qualified to vote but you did an absolutely awesome job with this!

    • He has indeed. And in a few short hours day two begins. Thanks for taking the tmie to comment on some of my own writing on this site by the way Chris. It’s actually amazing to know that a non gamer has been enjoying my writing.

  2. Thanks buddy!

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