Dec 012012

Well, here we are in the last month of the year.

Actually, here we are in the last month of the final Mayan Calendar Cycle.  Sure, some believe that this means that the Mayans had predicted the end of the world.  Others believe that their calender can only be (physically) so big that they couldn’t fit any more symbols on it (and then stopped making calenders because, well, you know, they exploded).  And still others believe that the Mayans actually (purposefully) set in motion a chain of events that would ultimately end the world in this month simply by creating the damn thing (said destructor calender).

Whatever you believe, know this: Stargazer’s World has been chosen as our favorite site of the month for December 2012.  Either we’ll all die in three weeks (December 21st) and Stargazer’s World will be the last of Stuffer Shack’s Favorite Sites of the Month – or, we get to read more coolness over there for years to come.  I just had a thought: What if our world gets destroyed, and a new one is created?  Will they call it Stargazer’s World?  Hmmm, I hath doth uncovered another mystery.  Let’s think on that, after reading what Michael Wolf has to say…

“Stargazer’s World was started back in August 2008. I had acquired the domain some time earlier and wasn’t really sure what to do with it. I’ve been playing roleplaying games since the early 1990s and I’ve always enjoyed writing, so I combined the two and started Stargazer’s World. In February 2010 I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to let other authors join the fun and so the blog slowly  turned into what it is today.

Stargazer’s World is still first and foremost a place where we (that’s me and a team of co-authors) can talk about our favorite hobby: roleplaying games. In the last four years we have reviewed countless RPG-related products, done a couple of interviews with people from the industry and basically tried to share our love for the hobby with a wider audience. I am also an amateur game designer and so I use the blog to talk about my current and upcoming projects from time to time. Currently I am working on a project for NaGaDeMon that is one of the reasons why there are not as many posts as usual. After about four years and over 1400 posts it can sometimes get a little hard to come up with new stuff to write about, but I still enjoy blogging very much (and I guess the same can be said for the rest of the team), so I hope that Stargazer’s World will be still alive and kicking for many years to come.”

Stargazer’s World, by Michael Wolf – It’s a good, clean site… easy to read, fun to read, and he seems like a nice, jovial chap.  Or, at least, that’s what the Mayans wanted us to believe…  Check it out and decide for yourself!

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Chris Stevens

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