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Hi.  My name is Chris, and I’m an RPG-site-aholic.

I love finding cool RPG sites and adding them to my Reader.  I especially love it when, later, I start poking around their site and find all sorts of golden nuggets.  It’s like a double win!

Well, that happened the other day with Dungeon’s Master, and I’ve been loving it.  Not only do they have a TON of cool, useful resources for your D&D game, but those resources are easy to reference as well.  For that, Dungeon’s Master is Stuffer Shack’s Site of the Month for February!

Here’s Ameron with a few words, in case you aren’t familiar with their site:

“I’ve really enjoyed your Site of the Month feature and am really excited that you’ve chosen Dungeon’s Master for February. Your timing couldn’t be better as February 1st is our second anniversary.

Wimwick (Neil Ellis) and I (Derek Myers) have been friends for over 30 years. We’ve been playing RPGs together since we were teenagers. When 4e D&D came out in the summer of 2008 we found ourselves going to the internet a lot for ideas, resources and clarification on rules. After a few months we realized that there were a lot of gaps in 4e D&D. Not only was Wizards not filling in those gaps (at the time), but neither was anyone else. So we decided to step up and do something about it.

Our number one objective has always been to do our part to make your D&D experiences better. We felt we could do that by offering tools, resources, advice and anecdotes about our gaming experiences. The more articles we wrote and the more readers we gained, the more Dungeon’s Master became the place that other gamers were coming to find all of those things missing from D&D. The real trick was to keep up the quality of our material (we weren’t going to post just for the sake of posting). Two years later we feel that we’ve lived up to that goal. Our traffic and our subscriber numbers continue growing, so we must be doing something right.

We deliberately choose to focus exclusively on 4e D&D. This really helped us find a solid, core audience. Our readers know that when they want 4e D&D content, we’re the place to visit.

As we move into our third year, we’re going to keep following the model that endeared us to so many gamers. We’ll keep publishing new material every day, Monday-Friday. Our goal is to become the number one D&D website behind only Wizards of the Coast themselves. By continuing to publish top quality articles on D&D, we feel that we’re well on our way to meeting that objective.”

I only wish that I would have started reading their stuff sooner!  Anyway, as Ameron said, today is Dungeon’s Master’s 2nd anniversary, so stop by and congratulate them.  Also, if you have the time, check out this Spotlight Interview they gave to Wizards of the Coast.

See you there!

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  2 Responses to “Favorite Site of the Month – Feb/2011”

  1. Thank you so much for highlighting Dungeon’s Master. It’s this kind of solid support from the online gaming community that really lets us know that we’re on the right track and that people actually find value in what we write.

  2. Good pick! Dungeon’s Master IS a great site!

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