Feb 012012

There are so many gaming blogs out there – it seems like once a day I discover a blog that I’ve never seen before.  To be honest, when I came across The Free RPG Blog, I immediately sat up in my chair and started clicking through the posts.  I mean, for fun I’ve been working on my own role-playing games for years, and here was a blog dedicated to free RPGs!

Here’s Rob:

“The Free RPG Blog champions free roleplaying game materials by reviewing free games, running competitions and offering advice in the form of practical how-to guides. It began because its author, Rob Lang, felt that the world of free RPGs needed a voice and their authors needed support and a pat on the back. The most active free RPG community is 1000 Monkeys, 1000 Typewriters (1KM1KT) where Rob is an Admin (the curator is the mysterious “GLORIOUS BENEFACTOR” Keeton Harrington). The atmosphere of 1KM1KT is friendly and no idea is too stupid.

The blog has just finished a series of How to write a free RPG, which covers everything from inspiration to getting it out there. 2012 will see a backlog of game reviews published and probably another 24 hour RPG competition with Amazon vouchers as a prize. If your game is unfinished, then the best place to go is 1KM1KT. If your game is finished and is online for free, let Rob know – he’d love to have a look.”

Thanks Rob.  Let me dust off my old Nighthaven and completely revamp it all over again!

The Free RPG Blog – check it out!

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