Nov 012012

So, by now, you probably know that I like to read a variety of gaming blogs.  However, there are so many sites out there with great stuff that I just can’t read them all.  Having said that, there is one that I do manage to go back to every so often, and that’s 1958Fury’s Campaign Journals.


Here’s Matt:

1958Fury’s Campaign Journals is where I record the events of gaming sessions I’ve played in, and also where I express my opinions about the RPG industry.  As a relative newbie to gaming (I started playing D&D about 5 years ago), I have a strong preference for simpler, easy-to-learn gaming systems.  I hope to provide a fresh perspective that is influenced more by playability than nostalgia.

In any gaming group I’ve been in, as a player or DM, I’ve always been the record keeper.  I started this blog because it seemed like the easiest way to make the information available to all the members of my group.  Then I started branching out by posting reviews of RPG products, rants about rules systems I’ve tried, pictures of my miniature collection, and occasionally my own original modules for public use.  I am currently working on several more modules that I will post in the near future.

What Matt didn’t say is that he’s intelligent, and a smooth writer.  Sometimes I think he could be writing about grass growing, and I’d still tune in.

1958Fury’s Campaign Journals, a good read.

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