Nov 022011

Sometimes I wish I could split myself in two, just so that I would have more time to visit and read up on all of the various gaming blogs. Well, until I gain that superpower, I’ll just have to find other ways to find the time (like no more napping?).

Seriously, imagine my happy surprise when I revisited This is My Game and found all of the cool stuff they have there. Thadeous runs the site, and I have to say that the articles there are just as much fun as his attitude. Another site in my favorites… check √ !

Here’s Thadeous:

This is My Game rides on the back of giants! Any success the site has had is almost completely due to the ever expanding list of contributors. Featuring downloadable game aids, product reviews, Killer editorials, and some amazing ideas by some great people. Without such a great team it wouldn’t even be an 8th of what it is now.

I started This is My Game a year and a half ago as a place to share my thoughts and experiences from my home games. It soon grew into design, theory, product reviews and on and on. But it wasn’t until amazing people like Geek Ken, Randall Walker (Dead Orcs), Jerry Leneave (Dread Gazebo), Dean Gilbert (Arcane Springboard), Mathew Cicci, and so many more joined forces that the site really became what it is today (pure win). If the site didn’t have such an amazing staff the site would be nothing more than me taking pictures of Orcus eating Raisin Bran.

The future of This is My Game is what we make of it, and I’m pretty sure that is nothing but pure awesome!

Thadeous S. Cooper

Thanks to Thadeous for This is My Game. Keep up the good work!

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Chris Stevens

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  2 Responses to “Favorite Site of the Month: Oct/2011”

  1. Good pick! Thadeous and the crew put out some wonderful stuff.

  2. Thanks for the love! Everyone at the site really puts in so much effort, and I am always super stoked to get to work with them! You guys here at Stuffer Shack keep up the great work!

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