Nov 022011

It’s a new month, which means it’s time once again to showcase one of our favorite gaming blogs…

Roving Band of Misfits is a blog dedicated to all things D&D 4e. Benoit, the main contributor and founder of the site has a certain bent towards the arts & crafts side of things, so many of the articles focus on miniatures, Hirst Arts, and making accessories for your game table. That doesn’t mean that there’s a lack of other DM inspiration on the site, though. From large scale naval combat rules to how to describe a scene for your players to the new Two Page Mini Delves series, there is no shortage of stuff to steal for your game. And of course, how could anyone miss the 18 part series on Gamma World miniatures?

In the past six months, there have also been two major expansions to the site’s content. The first is the addition of the podcast “Level Up.” In the podcast, Benoit and Hamblin discuss 4e characters – options, choices, and creation. It is aimed squarely at D&D players instead of DMs, filling a niche that most D&D podcasts don’t address. As a result, the podcast has grown very quickly in popularity. The second content expansion was the founding of the Game Night Blog Carnival. In this carnival, a group of RPG bloggers take the last Tuesday of every month to go “off topic” and review some of their favorite non-RPG board and card games. Any and all RPG blogs are welcome to join the carnival, and submissions are always open.

For a blog that’s been around less than a year, Roving Band of Misfits has accomplished quite a bit. We hope to see them continue their great content for more years to come!

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  2 Responses to “Favorite site of the Month: Sept/2011”

  1. Very cool. Looking forward to checking this site out.
    Plus you have to love their logo/banner!

  2. Ha! I totally dig it.

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