Gaming Tools, #4

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Apr 212010

Here we are again for another installment of Gaming Tools.  This being the fourth post for gaming tools, I really hope I can make several more (these tools are getting harder to find).

Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Inc.

They make and sell silicone rubber molds.  They’re made of high quality silicone and will last for years and hundreds of casts.   Castle molds, Egyptian, sci-fi, Gothic, and a few other genres are available to choose from.  My buddy has been using this stuff for a few years and has made some truly amazing 3D terrain battle maps.

Stuffer Shack

Ok, shameless plug.  Here you’ll find three very useful tools to help with your gaming.  As a GM, my personal favorite would be the Mini Counters.  They keep track of each enemy, so there’s no confusion about an enemy’s hit points, powers, or conditions.  Next we have Bloodied Markers, for indicating when a PC, NPC, or monster becomes bloodied.  And lastly we have my favorite (as a player): Horse Minis.  Stick your PC miniature to the base of the Horse Mini and you’re good to go!

Steel Sqwire

Steel Sqwire is cool because they have flip maps, area of effect templates, stat cards, and line of site indicators.  My favorite of the bunch is the flip mat.  2 feet by 3 feet, foldable, and laminated to allow for all kids of markers.  Draw that map ahead of time, put it into your binder, then unfold it later.  Great for any roving GM.

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