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Jan 072013

Lunch at MJ O’Connors

Arisia is New Englands largest Science Fiction and Fantasy convention. You’ll find it in Boston at the Westin Waterfront, from January 18th to the 21st. This will be my first year visiting the convention. I’m excited as I’ve heard some great things. The panels are very diverse covering gaming, movies, novels, comic books, and even some things I’m not quite comfortable blogging about.

I’ll be there this year primarily as a panelist. I do have some time between panels so I’ll have some games with me. If you’ll be there let me know. I’ll have Pulp! on me to be sure but I can be convinced to bring any manner of games.

If you’re in New England I hope you’ll come check it out. Tickets are still available as of this writing.

If you’d like to see me run my mouth, I’m on the following panels:

138 Introduction to Tabletop Roleplaying Independence Gaming Sat 7:00 PM Duration: 01:15
Are you new to tabletop role-playing or want to learn more about it? It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the complicated rules systems, finding a like-minded group of people to game with, and all those weird-looking dice! What systems are better for newer players? Our panel of experienced gamers will answer questions and make recommendations to start running or playing in a game, and how to make your games better.
505 Running Great Games Burroughs Gaming Sat 10:00 PM Duration: 01:15
How do you keep players engaged in a game? How do you manage different kinds of role-players and types of play? What about interruptions like roommates and smartphones? Share your secret techniques and best practices for running role-playing games (and other moderated games) that keep players coming back for more.
502 RPG Gaming: Rails vs. Sandbox Executive Board Room Gaming Sun 10:00 AM Duration: 01:15
Which style do you prefer as a GM? As a player? Does it drive you crazy when players ignore your intricate run-on-rails plots and chase the red herrings, or do players who keep turning to you to ask “what happens now” make you nuts? Maybe a little of both? Join our experienced GMs and players as we discuss the pleasures (and perils) of each style, as well as trading extreme examples and what makes them cool or frightening for players and GMs.
503 Technology and the GM Carlton Gaming Sun 1:00 PM Duration: 01:15
This year has seen a plethora of new technology for tabletop gaming. Several new virtual tabletops are out, and many more people are experimenting with iPad rule presentation. What tools are out there? What do we lose or gain with each of these transitions?
500 GM Helpline Revere Gaming Sun 10:00 PM Duration: 01:15
Having trouble with your game? Have the players broken the plot? Or do you just need a little inspiration? Our panel of experienced game masters will answer questions, offer advice, and make suggestions.
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