Jun 222012

Two new invulnerable Watcher characters for you today! They’ve both been on either side of the law and can be used in a lot of circumstances. Beyond that, they don’t have too much in common, and I don’t really suggest using them in the same encounter.

I’ve found that enemies with the Invulnerable SFX can quickly frustrate some players, but they can quickly move past that when they see how quickly those same enemies can be taken out with emotional stress or complications. However, having too many in one fight just seems like you’re limiting the options of the players who like to talk with their guns.

Neither character features prominently in House of M. Juggernaut was a mutant being pursued by marauders Britain, who helped Captain Britain, Psylocke and the Phoenix repair a hole in reality.  If you want something more adversarial, you could easily drop them into the Red Guard, or as civilians.

Read more about Juggernaut and Diamond Lil on the Marvel Wiki.

As always, you can download this file as a Word doc or PDF.

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