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Rachel Summers is a complicated character. She’s the daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, but not that Scott Summers and Jean Grey. You see, there was an alternate future called Days of Future Past. It was no good. So Rachel sent Kitty Pryde back into the body of her younger self, thus changing the time stream, and then Rachel went back to try to fix things and got stuck in the past. Then she got stuck in the future and brought Scott and Jean into the future as well to raise Cable, her kind of half-brother, but also a clone.

Then she came back to the past again. She’s either getting old, or still quite young. . . and she was the Phoenix. . . at least once. Wow.

The character presented below is suitable for all heroes. She does not have her Phoenix powers, but it still a rather potent psion. You may think powers like Invisibility and Shapeshifting are missing, but I felt they were better represented by Mind Control stunts. She’s got a fair amount of powers to play with as it is.

If you’re using her in House of M or earlier, swap out her Surviving Grey Milestone, as that event hasn’t happened yet. If you’re playing the House of M (like I was), she pairs well with Captain Britain or Psylocke, as she served as Betsy’s bodyguard and Lady in Waiting.

You can read her history on the Marvel Wiki. Grab the PDF or Word Doc.

You can download the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying PDF here, or get the book!

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