Modern Assembly: Analyst Theme

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Detective by ollarte.ollie


“What’s this bit of cloth here? This shouldn’t be here. It’s different, that makes it important.”

The analyst is constantly examining a situation. They know what’s out of place, what looks weak, and notice when things change. They can be a detective, an interrogator or even an archaeologist – there are a number of fields that would develop these skills.

Of course, as a hero, you stand high above your peers. You see things nobody else sees, and have learned to apply your skills in combat, taking out opponents with intelligence and tact.

Modern Examples include Batman, Dick Tracy and Indiana Jones.

Starting Feature

Your mind is your most powerful tool. Every action has some consequence, and every mystery a trail. You’ve known how to find the important clues, and you rarely make mistakes.
Whenever you make an active Perception check to search, roll twice and take the highest result.

Additional Features

Level 5 Feature
You’ve become so used to finding the hidden truth, you often notice things when you’re not even actively searching. Even a person’s face tells you more about what’s really going on.
You gain a +2 bonus to Insight and Perception.

Level 10 Feature
You’ve becoming more accustomed to fighting as a unit with your allies, and they’ve learned to follow your lead when you find an enemy’s weakest point. You strike hard, leading the way for a succession of blows.
Whenever you have Combat Advantage against an enemy, any allies adjacent to you also have Combat Advantage against that enemy.

Optional Powers

Level 2 Utility Power
Your enemy announces their attacks to you with every step and reflex. You’ve learned how to predict their next blow to stay mobile in combat with minimal risk to opening yourself up to enemy counters.

Predict Blows Analyst Utility 2
Left hook, step forward, thrust with the knife. I see the pattern now.
Encounter * Martial, Stance
Immediate Reaction Personal
You are missed by an attack.
Until this stance ends, you gain a +2 power bonus to defenses against Opportunity Attacks.

Level 6 Utility Power
Your skills at targeting the enemy’s weak points are improving. You know that when you really focus on the task at hand, it’s near impossible to stop you. Even when the enemy takes you by surprise, you get your shot.

Never Miss Analyst Utility 6
You take your shot and the enemy dodges at the last moment. Even though you didn’t hit them dead on, the attack still grazes their arm.
Daily * Martial, Stance
Minor Action Personal
Until this stance ends, when you miss with an attack power you deal your Highest Ability Modifier damage to the target.

Level 10 Utility
It can be hard to read the supernatural and the abominable. Certain enemies can get into your head or try to keep you out of the action. You’re the master of your own body, and can logic yourself out of many situations.

Force of Will Analyst Utility 10
This doesn’t make sense. This is my ally, not my enemy. I will not allow myself to be controlled!
Daily * Martial
Immediate Reaction Personal
You fail a save vs Dazed, Domination or Stunned.
You reroll your saving throw with a +2 power bonus.

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