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Mechanic by Slagheap


Sure, I can fix that. In fact, I’ve got a few ideas on how to make it better.

The mechanic is the first person you turn to when you have something that needs fixing. They’re the guy that’s going to fix your armor, the scientist that will find the hidden aliens, and the genius who can build a plane out of some junk in your garage.

Mechanics can be found in all settings, whether they’re scrounging in a post apocalyptic wasteland, hidden away in a government facility, or sweating in a space shuttle’s engine room. When they’re in the field, they’re the first people to think outside the box or make something out of nothing.

Examples include MacGuyver, Forge or Kaylee from Firefly.

Starting Feature

When pressed for resources your mind spins and you soon start breaking down whatever around you into its component parts. With a few minutes and handful of common items, you can come up with exactly what you need.
Once a day, you can create a piece of Mundane Equipment worth 100 gp per your level. At 11th level you can choose to instead create a magic item of your level -10. Creating the item takes one minute for every 50 gp of its value.

Additional Features

Level 5 Feature
You have a basic understanding of the world works. As you constantly disassemble and rebuild things, you learn more and more that was never found in any textbook.
You gain a +2 bonus to Mechanics and Science.

Level 10 Benefit
Magic is just science that people don’t understand. You’re beginning to unlock what makes all these wizards tick. With a bit of time, you can mimic any of their effects.
You can cast Arcane Rituals and make Alchemical items of your level -2 or lower. You use mechanical parts for your components.You use Mechanics instead of Arcana for Rituals and Alchemical recipes.

Optional Powers

Level 2 Utility Power
Sometimes armor just needs a quick patch in the right place to keep your allies safe. You’ve always got a little bit of kevlar or leather to make things right.

Quick Patch                      Mechanic Utility Power 2
You quickly tie down some spare material over the tear in your ally’s armor until you can fix it properly later.
Encounter * Martial
Minor Action                      Melee 1
One ally
The target gains temporary hit points equal to 5 + your highest ability modifier.

Level 6 Utility
You always keep a few chemical compounds on you for field repairs. Some of them also make powerful lubricants and solvents.

Release Bonds   Mechanic Utility 6
You reach into your pocket and pour a vial of acid on your allies webbed boots. The webbing melts away, leaving your allied unscathed.
Daily * Martial
Minor Action Melee 1
One ally who is restrained or immobilized.
The target is no longer restrained or immobilized.

Level 10 Utility
Hitting enemies consistently is one the fastest way to end an armed conflict quickly. To meet this end you’ve developed a sensitive targeting sensor that makes aiming easier. Any sudden movement can knock it out of alignment, unfortunately.

Targeting Sensor Mechanic Utility 10
You line up a small optic unit with a laser target and then balance it with your weapon. Your allies can follow its aim to keep their trajectory.
Encounter * Martial, Stance
Minor Action Close burst 10
Until this stance ends, you and any ally in the burst gains a +1 power bonus to attack rolls. This stance ends if you move.

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