Oct 052012

With several writers contributing to Stuffer Shack, you know we like and talk about a myriad of various games, systems, and settings.  One of our favorites is Strands of Fate.  We’ve talked about it several times, and even have a great Playing with FATE special project series.

Mike McConnell (author of Strands of Fate) is putting together a transhuman sci-fi setting for SoF, called Nova Praxis.  We’ve interviewed Mike about it, and Greywulf gave us a great preview.

Nova Praxis is the biggest endeavor of Voidstar Games, and its quality shows.  A Kickstarter project was started just a few days ago to help fund artists, writers, and printers, though this post is not designed to help the project achieve its funding goals (its already done that in just a few days).  The purpose of this post is to simply inform those who aren’t familiar with the game.  There are some good rewards and some great stretch goals, and Mike is very good about answering questions, so check it out!

A great video…

More awesomeness...

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