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Oct 292015

Number Tokens 1-6Number Tokens are awesome!  I made these for our home game a while back, and we can’t stop using them.  Anytime we have a quick or impromptu battle, we bring these bad boys out – they’re quick, convenient and simply get the job done.

Yes, we have a healthy collection of painted miniatures, but these tokens just still manage to get used again and again.  We love them!  One side is white, the other side is red (use the red side to indicate opponents that are wounded or bloodied, or perhaps a different type of monster).

When an old gaming buddy from a previous group asked for a set, he suggested that I put them up in the store.  They’re pretty easy to make, so I’m keeping the price just barely above cost.  A set of 1-10 (plus a case) is just $3.99.  A set of 1-20 (plus a case) is just $5.99.  These are for black wooden tokens – we offer acrylic tokens for a little bit more.

CaseSo what are they, exactly?

They’re awesome.  They’re 1 inch tokens, 1/8 inch thick.  You can get them made with wood or acrylic, and the numbers are on stickers (which are placed on both sides).  One side is white, the other is red.


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