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“Plague City is a side-plot, intended to occur in the background of a longer campaign. The events will sneak up on the PCs, becoming more relevant as time goes on – until they can no longer avoid its effects. If they are lucky, they can avoid the consequences of a deadly plague. If they’re heroes, they’ll face the undead vampire causing it…”

Not a Dungeon Master?
Then stop reading…

This is the fourth official release from Stuffer Shack Press, and I have to say that it’s my favorite.  Originally, it was intended to be a one-paragraph plot-hook for Truly Terrifying Vampires, but I just kept fleshing it out because it just kept getting cooler.  It’s a side-plot, one that takes place in and around an adventure you’re already running.  All of the events take place in or near a large city, and it’s easy to swap out NPCs for those whom your player characters may already know.

There are actually 17 scenes that you may interject into your adventure, with relevant art to show the players.  However, it can be narrowed down as follows:  The player characters will

  1. meet a popular bard
  2. witness his downfall,
  3. make enemies with the richest man in the city,
  4. fight some of his goons,
  5. witness the city take on plague,
  6. learn of the plague’s origin,
  7. make a moral decision that might doom innocent people,
  8. face a huge and angry mob,
  9. and then face the plague’s creepy cause in an underground mausoleum (which is, of course, owned by that richest man in the city).

It very well may be that your player characters will high-tail it out of there before they succumb to its dangers, causing the entire city to become barren from plague…  Or, they could be heroes, of course.

This entire side-plot/adventure was conceived of while writing Truly Terrifying Vampires (which is not required to play through this).  The final antagonist is indeed dangerous and extremely creepy.  As an undead vampire, he is deranged and confused, has chewed his lips and tongue to mush, and can’t use his legs.  Your players may just turn and run as he digs his fingers into the ground to pull himself closer…

And, as an ANYRPG product, it will work with any game system.

  • 26 pages
  • 18 pages of adventure content
  • 17 scenes
  • NPC art
  • Mausoleum of Solace art and map
  • $2.99

I bet you’ll love running it, because I loved writing it.

Click here to get it.

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