Due to time constraints, I’ve reduced the available inventory.
Every couple of weeks, I’ll add or remove items, depending on availability.  Thanks!

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  1. I just made a purchase, the Adventurer’s Bundle. My DM is going to love these.

    My character is a gnome, do you have any small horses, like a donkey or mule?

  2. Absolutely (I think it’s a mule).

    And thank you!

  3. Can I request a specific mix of colors in the 5-horse bundle? Maybe for an extra buck or two?

  4. @ Noumenon

    Of course! What did you have in mind?

  5. i was interested in buying a few sets of the bloodied and 1-10 markers, but for some reason your site is not working for me. Can you send me a quote for 2 1-10 marker sets, and 2 5 pcs bloodied sets?

    Thank you,


  6. @Krieger –

    Thank you. It appears I’ll have to redo the page (it’s about time I did anyway). For the inconvenience, I’ll discount your order. The details will be sent via email shortly (if you’d still like to go ahead).

    Thanks again,

    *Edit* The store is back up everyone, and better than ever!

  7. I like your counters and horses– do you have a distributor or dealer I can point a store to? I’d like to support my LGS if possible– but if not possible, please let me know.


  8. Hi Tourq,

    I recently won a set of markers and horses from you. I also wanted to “donate a set” to my new D&D group so I purchased a full second set. They were a big hit with my new group. Everyone had a favorite use for them. They were very handy for marking things other then just wounds. For example one NPC who we started to see as acting differently than others. The horses added a great deal to the game. Funny that as a gamer I spend hours painting my mini then plop him down next to a cardboard flat of a horse or a bead. All in all these are a great tool that any group can find uses for. It also answers the question “what to get the GM who already has everything?”

    • As a member of that group, thanks!
      (makes note for GM’s Christmas gift)

  9. Awesome to hear. I agree – they are cool. We pull them out for every fantasy game. And yes, I too think they would be great gifts for the GM [wink].

    Thanks again.

  10. any chance of some medium size horses/dogs made with room for a small mini next to it? might be a tight fit…but handy to have.

  11. @ John
    -Thanks for the inquiry, and I’m looking into that, but as you said, it would be a tight fit. I really think that medium-sized minis would need the tacky on the back/top of the animal. I have some for horses, but not for dogs/wolves. If I find the perfect medium-sized dogs, I’ll put them up and let you know. Meanwhile, here is a picture of some medium-sized horses/ponies that are available by special request. They don’t have the nice, shiny new bases, and they are 1 and 1/8 inches across. Character minis will have to be placed on top of the ponies (as pictured).

  12. Hi I am just wondering, do you ship overseas and how much would it cost? I am interested in the Adventurer’s Bundle. The horse minis are probably the most brilliant idea I have seen in the D&D mini line. One wonders why Wizards never bothered to make them this way!

  13. @ Seng:

    Thanks for the inquiry. So far, the cheapest route for shipping the Adventurer’s Bundle to Europe has cost me between $5.00 and $9.50 (usually closer to $9.50). If you email me your full address I can give you the exact cost. [email sent]


  14. I had a question about the 4+1 deal. If I don’t have a paypal account, and I use a debit card, how do I indicate which exotic mount I want? Please email me with your response as i’m sure i won’t get back on this site for a while. thanks.
    By the way, the exotic mounts look really cool.

  15. Thank you, Paul.

    If you aren’t able to leave your choice in Paypal’s Special Instructions Box, you can simply email me. No problem.

    Email Sent.

  16. I can’t seem to navigate directly to checkout without clicking on “Add to Cart.” This isn’t necessarily a problem per se, as it’s incredibly easy to remove an item from my order in checkout, but just a minor suggestion to make the already user-friendly site a bit more so.

  17. Thanks Vijay for your order.

    I think there used to be a View Cart button, but I got rid of it because it took up too much space on the page. Now it doesn’t look like Paypal offers that button anymore. I’ll have to look into that.

    Thanks again,


  18. Got my full set of horses yesterday – perfect! This will be a fine addition to our group collection, and now I can stage sweeping cavalry attacks with actual horse minis rather than cardboard squares. +1!

  19. Just used the Mini-counters today for the first time. They look great and helped with identifying creatures immensely. Saving a bit of time during a 4E combat is appreciated and these are a good upgrade over tiny stickers placed on the base. Being able to angle them slightly allows for easier identification.
    I’m ordering more right now!

  20. Thanks, Roland. I’m glad they’re working out for you… and I’m glad you’re ordering more, of course!

    I have a question about your second order, though, so I’m going to email you in a minute…

  21. Hi there! I saw above that someone mentioned a 4+1 deal with an exotic mount. Does this still exist? I couldn’t find it. If so, could you let me know what that means, exactly? Basically, I’d like to get one exotic, one mule and a few random horses and I’d like to know the most cost-effective way to do this. All of these look AMAZING, by the way. Thanks!

  22. Hey Kurt, thanks for the inquiry.

    The 4+1 deal was discontinued quite a while ago. However, I am not one to keep gamers from cool stuff! So, if you tell me exactly what you’d like, I’ll make you sure you get it at the best price, and I’ll throw in an Exotic Mount for free.

    email sent

  23. Hey there! I actually got to use the mounts for the first time in our campaign last night. They were a HUGE hit! We had been using flat, paper markers for horses up to now and that was pretty confusing most of the time. These are a big improvement, for sure.

    And thanks again for the panther and the unmounted pony! The pony especially came in handy for me as I often command it to run away once I get into battle (I’m a little too protective of my mounts).

    These are fantastic. Thanks again for all your help!

    • Thanks Kurt! I appreciate the kind words, and I’m glad your group has found them fun and useful.

  24. Hallo
    I want to by all 12 Horses, 20 Mini counters and a King Stag.
    Ist there a riding dog and a medium or lange snowcat in your assortment?

    Shipping to Germany is $13. Ist that right?


  25. Snow Leopard@ Julius – Thank you, Julius, for your inquiry.

    Currently, I have several King Stag’s in stock. If you purchased the 12 Horse Minis and 1-20 Mini Counters, I will throw in the King Stag for free!

    Unfortunately, the only dog we have is the large-sized (2-inch) White Wolf. Our two cats are also large-sized, but we don’t have a Snow Leopard.

    However, I just took the Panthera Mount and painted it white. It’s ‘OK,’ but not great. I’ll throw it in for free with your order, and you can tell me what you think.

    Also, shipping to Germany is between $15 – $17. I found that out the hard way a week ago when the post office said they increased their prices!

    • Ok that´s it. I have made my order.
      But the system only set a prize of some $11. Please tell me what I can do now.

      My daughter is very happy about the white cat and the stag….and me too 🙂

      *edit* Julius, I see that the $11 for shipping is less than the actual cost of shipping. Don’t worry about it – I’ll pay the difference. Thank you for the order!

  26. Very good.
    Thank you. What a nice offer.
    I have to wait for my players to respond if we need more than 12 horses. Then I will order them 🙂

  27. Wow these look great! Any plans for a dromedary camel? Thanks.

    • Bactrian CamelThank you, Eric, for the kind words.

      Unfortunately, we only have the Bactrian Camel, but if we ever get the Dromedary, I’ll let you know.

      I’ll tell you what though, all orders of $10 or more in the next week will get a free Camel Exotic Mount!

  28. The golden drake looks super cool. She would make the perfect companion as my summoner’s eidolon in pathfinder. Please let me know if she becomes available again.

    • Bahhh… I know, I love that one. I’m sorry I couldn’t include it with your order. As soon as I get another, I’ll send it along.

  29. Hey its me again.
    Your horses do a wonderfull job 🙂
    But I think I need more. Is it possible to change the colors of the horses to get more different types?

    P.S. soon I will send you a photo from our Group riding

    • Thank you, and a photo would be awesome!

      I do not paint the horses (they come pre-painted). However, I am willing to try!

    • Ah Ok. I have to think about it.

      Your snowcat was awesome. Thank you
      Your horses are too nice to use them for Orcraiders 🙂 or Bandits. Every time I use the horses for NPC´s my players shout loud “that is my horse” 🙂
      From your 12 horses my players claim 7 for themselves. That is a problem.

    • I have placed an order, but please wait to send it until we have clarified the order. I don´t need bloodmarker but the numbers are wonderful. I habe got red (1-10) and black (1-20) ones. Do you have green (1-20) and blue (1-10)?
      Ist it possible to try one (grim) white stag? The second as normal.

      With the horses I have no clue. hmmmm

    • Thank you for the order. Yes, of course we can put those green and blue counters together. Also, I might be able to find a couple of entirely new horses. and I can probably paint a few others different colors.

      I will email you later today with some ideas…

  30. Just a clarification on the Mini Counters, please…
    Is the colour listed for the number or the background? IE are the ones in the picture black or white?
    I’m interested in purchasing a few in different colours, but want to know how well they will stand out.

  31. Hello, Neil, and thank you for the inquiry.

    The counters in the picture are black (they have black bases). On the top is a white sticker with black font.

    When selecting different colors, the different colors apply to the base, while the tops remain the same (the tops will still be white with black font). Purchasing different colors works well, and the contrast has always worked well for me.

    I can change the stickers to different colors, but I don’t recommend that.

    If you’re looking for very specific counters, just let me know, and I’ll take care of it.

    Also, everyone, since we’re having a fundraiser, with every order of Mini Counters, I’ll throw in an extra five counters.

  32. Professional and perfectly sized. My group fell in love with them. I love the fact that they’re off-center so your medium sized character mini can “stand” on the same base.

    Love ’em!

  33. first off, love all the mounts and such! wonderful site and wonderful items!

    i have been searching EVERYWHERE for a mule (mayyybeeee donkey) of some sort for my characters and i’m wondering if you have any of those not listed. and if you have images of what they may look like? thank you! and expect possible sales from me in the future?

    • Secret Weapon Horse MiniHi Angel. Our smallest horse, Secret Weapon, is the closest thing we have to a donkey or mule, simply because it is the smallest of our horses. In fact, it actually fits on a 1-inch disc and has often been used as a pack mule in many games. While it doesn’t exactly look like a donkey, it’s certainly small enough to fake it.

      This is a picture of Secret Weapon on a 2-inch disc. I’m sorry for not having a pic of him on a 1-inch disc.

  34. Greetings,

    I’ve been looking for some horse miniatures for some time and these look excellent. I see you have specials going from time to time. Are their any promotions on miniatures currently happening or coming soon?

    • Thanks, Mr. Brown, for the inquiry.

      I don’t have any plans for any upcoming promotions, but I’m not one to keep gamers from getting cool gaming stuff…

      So, if you place an order for a few horses, I’ll throw a couple of extra horses in there…

    • Sweet! Order has been placed. Thanks alot.

  35. Thanks my order arrived today, FANTASTIC!!!!!

    You models of the horses are a god send for my barbarian game.

    simon uk

  36. Got my bundle of counters the other day and they look great! They were shipped in an exceptionally good quality plastic container which was fantastic! I was wondering how I would store these, but when they arrived in these wonderful plastic containers my answer was found! Very, very nice and I’m sure all will be happily surprised! As for the counters, they look great! If I had to say, I would consider the darker colors better than the lighter ones as they are easier to distinguish. I got green, yellow, black, white, purple, orange, gold, blue and red from what I recall. They are all good, but the darker are easier to distinguish! In the end a GREAT product and well worth the price! I have not used them in a game yet, but will post an opinion as to their actual usefulness in game when I get around to it. My satisfaction and expectations are high!

    • OK, so I’ve used these in my game and my opinion is…………..THEY ARE AWESOME!

      They are so much better than writing a # on the base of identical minis to differentiate which has taken damage! The markers are SO much easier to see and they DO NOT detract from the mini itself! A truly fantastic product and they are my regular “go-to” game need each session! Truly wonderful!

      I wanted to add that Chris was wonderful to deal with as a seller! Top notch! I’m right now going back to his store to see what I can buy simply because he was awesome and I may have missed some colors with the markers!

  37. Good day,

    How long does an order take to ship after it has been placed?

    • Hello, Corey, and thanks for the inquiry.

      It usually takes anywhere from 2-5 days before I can ship out orders. I’ve had several orders in the last month, so it’s been taking anywhere from 5-10 days for me to ship them out/catch up.

  38. I bought the mini counters and they are absolutely fantastic! Not only were they a great addition to my game but Chris is a very friendly and good guy! He made my purchase one of the best I’ve had with on-line sellers! Great product! I think I got about every color, but have to re-check because if I didn’t I have to get the rest! Great deal and these products are great. Previously, to differentiate identical minis on the battle map I would take a marker pen and write it on the base. Not only does this distract from the minis value if you wanted to resell it, it was nowhere near as clear as these markers are!

  39. Hey Chris:
    Can you send me my last order to help me see what I want on the next! Looking to max out on all the colors (plastic case for each)! I love those storage cases! They are a fantastic addition!

  40. Hello
    Is there no picture of the Mighty Zebra and the Ram?
    I am interested in the Battle ram

    Greetings 🙂

  41. Hello everyone. I had a problem with my order. I’m leaving this comment to tell you all about it.

    I placed an order a few days ago and the shipping price seemed pretty high, like I was being taken advantage of. I made peace with it because I really wanted the minis and mounts.

    Then yesterday Chris emailed me to say that a mistake was made, and that I was overcharged for shipping. He refunded a big chunk of the shipping charge.

    So I just wanted to leave a comment to say that I can’t wait for my minis and mounts, and that I REALLY APPRECIATE the service here.


    • Hi Travis, thanks for the kind words.

      I just figured out what happened… I listed our new Mermaid Mini as being a lot heavier than it actually is. Whoops! Fixed!

  42. There are some things you purchase where you think they will be awesome and initially useful and they are. However, in time their usefulness fades away!! THESE ARE NOT THOSE ITEMS! I want to say that after a year of using them these are still my go to item and I’m considering getting more! They are one of my most needed gaming tools! A MUST purchase! I speak of the Mini Counters!

    • Mini CountersThanks, John. I agree… they ARE awesome 🙂 and they continue to be our best seller!

  43. Hi, are your horse miniatures made of plastic or metal? I’m looking to fabricate a pony-sized centaur for a friend’s character and I was hoping that Secret Weapon would be plastic so that I could use her.


  44. The main GM for my Shadowrun group brought a pack of counters to our game this weekend and they seemed to be a hit! I was wondering though how well the sticky tack is attached to the counter. Also, how roughly they can be handled, and if they are easily put back together if the tack comes off? I got to handle them a bit, but I was curious if I should be extra careful not to let the tack come apart from the counter or if it’s not a big deal.

    • Hi, Jeremy, and thank you for the inquiry.

      I’ve never seen the tacky accidentally come off of a counter. Sure, you could certainly pull it off on purpose if you wanted, but it’s really no big deal to put it back on.

      Just don’t let the tacky from separate counters touch – they stick together!

  45. Hey Chris I was wondering if you made some custom/unique figures and if so how much 1-3 would be.

    • Hi, Ryan, thank you for the inquiry.

      I do not make any of the figures; I affix them to bases. However, I can make stickers of monsters and put them on bases… Monster Tokens!

      If that is something that interests you, I can make that happen easily.

  46. Hi Chris!

    I see the note that says the color schemes for some of the horses has changed, but the pictures havent yet been updated. I was wondering what the new color scheme for Hot-to-trot was/


  47. Glad you’re back in business!
    Just made an order and plan on more in the future.
    I’ve looked all over google and never found quite the type of accessories you provide.

  48. I Just received my order of mini markers and counters this week. We played are first DnD session using them and they are the perfect solution for marking the minis.

    Great product and I highly recommend it to anyone that uses minis in their gaming session.

  49. Hello! I just purchased 1 miniature marker for each letter in the alphabet! I accidently selected that all of them should be white, but I wanted all them to be black, is it possible you could fix that?

  50. Hello! I just purchased 1 miniature marker for each letter in the alphabet! I accidently selected that all of them should be white, but I wanted all them to be black, is it possible you could fix that?
    Also, I noticed that you could only have letters on the bases of the miniature markers. Is it possible that I could have numbers instead? 1 – 26 respectfully?
    Thank you!

  51. Hello! I recently just barely ordered 26 miniature markers for each letter of the alphabet.
    I was given a link to this on the page, and didn’t see that there were numbered ones available. I have would like to place a new order for some numbered ones. Would it be possible that I could cancel my previous order for the lettered markers?
    Thank you very much in advance! Sorry for all the trouble.

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