Oct 102016
DMing Monsters: Plants, Slimes, Molds, Jellies, and Puddings!

Most DMs don’t have many encounters with plant monsters, slimes, molds, and puddings. They’re oftentimes relegated to things that players stumble into like traps, side quests, and areas of heavy overgrowth. With a few simple solutions, they can easily take the spotlight…

Shadowrun: Anarchy… What the Heck?!

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Oct 052016
Shadowrun: Anarchy... What the Heck?!

It’s no secret… Shadowrun (any edition) has not exactly been a rules-lite game.  It’s a meaty cyberpunk-fantasy dystopian setting with a very solid fan-base, and it also comes with a hefty set of rules for a very “simulationist” feel.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing (I have my favorite edition and have played many, many hours of it); I’m saying that that type of [Read the article]

Less Map, More Play

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Oct 032016
Less Map, More Play

Mapping out your campaign world and key locations can be a hassle, and that battle map that took hours to plot out might never get revisited.  Simpler maps work fine, are fast to make and get the creativity and improvisation juices flowing.  I’ll show you a few simple methods that will get you going in no time…

Sep 192016
Anticipation in your Games [mature]

Creating a sense of anticipation is a worthwhile technique no matter what genre or artistic vehicle you choose. However, this blog post is about erotic anticipation (I can get away with using the word “erotic” here because I haven’t gotten to the really sleazy parts yet). I’m talking about my own space opera RPG Alpha Blue, specifically. Although, any game can benefit from occasional titillation.

Combat Stunts for D&D Fifth Edition

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Sep 072016
Combat Stunts for D&D Fifth Edition

Combat in D&D is an abstract affair. It has been this way since day one. And, probably since day two, there were those who preferred a more concrete, blow-by-blow, experience, and came up with various house rules for making combat more detailed. This isn’t just a figure of speech; the Perrin Conventions, for example, suggested 10-second rounds and rules for knockback and knockdown in 1978.

Aug 302016
#RPGaDAY 29 & 30 2016 – Best Place to Game!

Today’s entry is a bit late, and as it turns out I’m doing a combo entry covering two days. If I could play anywhere in the world, I’d have to say I’d prefer gaming at home in the most awesome gaming room. I thought of all the cool places, like in a castle, a pyramid, a haunted house, etc. and they’re all awesome, but I [Read the article]

Dramatic Combat

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Aug 292016
Dramatic Combat

Wouldn’t it be the bee’s knees if you could run a game session without those pesky non-fun moments?  I think so.  Actually, I know so!  That’s why I laboriously reinvented that thing that was already invented, and put it into words that are my own!   You see, it took many decades of alchemy, wizardry, and drunken dumbery to create, no, to manifest this knowledge! “Well [Read the article]

Aug 282016
#RPGaDAY 28 2016 – Every Gamer Must Have Read This Book

There is one book that I believe is at the foundation of all gamer’s pasts, or if it’s not, it should be. It’s a classic tale of a hero’s quest, but one told in an ancient, different world, but one that’s not so different that we can’t see ourselves in it. The group comes together soon in the beginning and go on to face many different [Read the article]